A Happy Medium Is a Good Thing!

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Third Degree Below.

The past few days have been really amazing. Without a doubt  (mine,  naturally), surrounding myself with positive people, positive mindsets, and positive actions is the key to manifesting what I want. For all the magick I have ever done, the power of doing it in a positive  environment cannot be underestimated.

Attract Him Back

Some things seem to have appeared out of thin air this week,  particularly when you’ve searched the same 6 by 3 foot area a dozen times and in changing the mindset, the missing item is suddenly there. This is a  fun one for the  girls  and  me  because  it’s  happened  several  times within the week, whether it’s missing crystals, keys, nomination forms, or computer cords.

But to emphasize  how important surrounding  myself with positive people can be, I had a momentary lapse of positivity last night and really had to shove all the doubts back into place. It actually took me a good six hours of active intent to keep from manifesting my fears and I was still up and down all night. Why? Because someone who knew I was trying  to  stay positive just could not refrain from giving me a dose of her version of reality. Not that this person’s reality has anything to do with mine, but she was damned and determined to introduce a negative possibility I hadn’t thought of.

I had to look at her motivation rather than just taking it at face value.

This is  something  I  learned  a  long  time  ago  from Robert Fritz,  a writer/composer/organizational consultant who really understands creative tension and structure. You just keep asking “Why?” and sooner or later, you’ll get to the real answer.

In this case, Shannon started it while we caught up with each other on how our day had manifested. Shannon asked the same question I’d already asked myself when I’d been floored a little earlier: “Why would anyone ever say that to you?”

“Well,” I said, “she believes that….” I explained a theory I’d heard more than once. Then I asked myself, “Why [does she believe that]?” I didn’t ask if she had any basis in logic for it or if she’d actually seen that in my life or knew of it actually happening with the people involved. I already knew those answers. Instead, I just kept asking, “Why?”

By the time I was done—about 5 or 6 “why’s”—I had my answer, the  real answer, to why she’d said what she did. And I didn’t like it.

It took quite a while and some hard concentration  to get my Zen  feeling back. The conversation  really pulled me toward the mire for a  while and I’ve had to spend time clearing my mind and recapturing my peace. I don’t like that. I’ve wasted time. Or at least I feel that way until I realize something new.

An interesting  side effect of the positive  mindset  is that there are suddenly things that I just know, in a psychic way I don’t usually have. It goes hand-in-hand with a certain level of contentment  and intention. Without all the negativity  around  me,  I  can  suddenly  see  things  very clearly, even if I don’t know how. And they’re real on the physical plane, not just a visualization. It’s a tremendous feeling of comfort and content, that things are moving as they’re supposed to and just utterly knowing that things are going to turn out a certain way.

Wow. Come to think of it, the best psychics and intuitives I’ve ever dealt with have been very positive-minded, overall happy people. Wow. And the most negative ones have either seen only the worst possible out there or not been able to see anything at all.

So is negativity a block of yet another type? A block against our natural gifts and intuition?


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