Trick or The Treat?

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Third Degree Ebb and Flow.

I dreamed  of The Treat this morning.  It’s been several weeks since he’s visited in dreams or meditations and when he has, it’s been to show me things at his job. This time, he just kept saying that he’s been really focused on new  things  he’s  doing  at work,  and I understand  that. Sometimes work takes precedence above all else and you have to shove aside all the other stuff in your life so nobody at work dies or anything. What’s not to understand? I just made it through Fiscal Yearend and its aftermath.

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This was one of those dreams that blended with meditation, but had a different “feel” from a regular dream. It carried a texture that was most definitely him, even at the beginning, when I was talking with The Treat’s  friends, Kat and Joe. I’ve not seen either of them in about a year and a half. Kat was still Kat, sharp opinions and all. Joe was himself, too, and I seemed to spend more time talking with him—or at least communicating with him—than with Kat.

I can’t say I’ve always liked Joe. I’d heard all about how awful he was before I ever met him, and was surprised that he wasn’t at all as he’d been portrayed to me by the women who knew him—and later gave me differing opinions from at first. I always enjoyed my conversations with him, and he was one of the first people I read accidentally  when  I was  discovering  my  new  empathic gifts. I saw something in his hidden emotions that helped me understand, and I’ll never forget leaving his house one night when he was out back, alone, cut-off, burying himself in his guitar. I believe we’ve all had those moments.

It’s too bad I can’t remember what he and Kat were telling me in this dream, but it was more of a social visit than any type  of warnings  or notification,  and Joe did most of the talking with me.

In another part of the dream, I was in a lab of some sort. I believe both my girls were there, as well as various people I know and some sort of guiding presence  I was talking to. The Treat was there somewhere, too, but busy helping others and therefore not in my immediate space. We were reviewing data that showed the formula for each of us  as people.  My  formula  and  The  Treat’s  formula were different but equally complex, more complex by far than any other on the list. Lots of exponents,  Greek letters, and equations. The formula for each  person in the room related to how we as energetic beings fit into the physical world  of matter  around  us and how  or if we mesh with one another.

Then I walked out of the “lab” and directly into my back yard. Aislinn was with me. Perhaps Shannon. Some guiding presence. And The  Treat. I was walking around the house, noting little things I needed to  finish to prepare it for Winter, and suddenly he was beside me, chatting, offering his help. I didn’t even have to ask. He just jumped in and started taking care of little chores I hadn’t gotten to.

No one’s ever been much on offering to help me with chores or handyman projects, so I found the offer—and his follow-through—very  endearing.

Then  something  highly  symbolic  happened.  I  was about to inspect a certain area of the back patio when he bounced right in there to take care of it for me. I warned him of an old, small wasp  nest that I’d  destroyed  and thought it was now completely abandoned. I didn’t want him to get stung.

Wasps have shown up in my dreams since last March. Sometimes,  I’ve  been  shown  nests  that  I’ve  found  the next  day  on  the  physical  premises—in  places  where  I would certainly have been stung had the dream not clued me  to  their  whereabouts.   Even  at  the  Florida  Pagan Gathering, I leaned  against  an outdoor  banister  with a huge nest under the railing about 6 inches from my chest, but was untouched. There are  certain people I associate with the writhing insects, too, and I give the wasp some respect…until I can kill them.

But in this dream, I stood in the green grass with my daughter  and  someone  else  while  he  took  care  of  mychore for me and was careful  to avoid the abandoned nest. Then he called me over and showed me the nest I’d missed…a few inches higher and out of my normal vision, absolutely and frighteningly  huge. They were hidden just inside a pipe, shielded from the elements, waiting to strike at me and sting.

By the time I walked back to my daughter and told her  what  was  going  on,  he’d  move  on  from  the  spot where we’d stood and was working on the next chore for me. The nest had been destroyed, and it surprised me that his presence had destroyed it so quickly, so completely. The area was safe again.

But what impressed me most was not that he was taking care of little chores for me and doing me great service by his kindness, but that I actually allowed him to.


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