The Ritual Stress Reliever

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Third Degree Ebb and Flow.

I love the afterglow of a good ritual.

The Long-Awaited Honest-to-God Secret to Being Happy

The smell of bonfire smoke in my hair and dragon’s blood on my skin.

The way the evening started out cloudy until a certain point in the rit, and now there’s a huge circle around a crystal-clear  sky around a full moon…and  everything  else is still cloudy.

The way the wind suddenly kicked up at the mention of one particular word or the way the fire lapped high at the mention of another.

The way the energy was so strong in me that I wasn’t even shivering  in shorts, bare feet, thin shirt, all in 44- degree weather  when I’m  usually  looking  for a sweater when it dips below 70.

The feel of stone beneath my feet.

The after-feast of fresh raspberries, my own little harvest.

This wonderful  relaxed  feeling  that  makes  me  just want to  cuddle  up  next  to  a priest…if  I had  one…and sighhhhhhhhhh.

Yeah. Glowing in the afterglow.