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Part 2 of a look at last year’s shamanic journey, made  for me  by Kelley  Harrell  of, my reaction  then, and my reaction now:

The Long-Awaited Honest-to-God Secret to Being Happy

In last year’s reading, Kelley introduced  me to a new concept: the oversoul….

I am instantly  led to Lorna’s  Oversoul  (collective  of Lorna; soulgroup)  and the  number resonance  I feel for that group is 0, which is not a group that I’ve felt  before  (I often feel Oversouls/ groups with a numeric resonance in tone/vibration/color, as opposed to an articulated name).

My reaction then:

I’d never heard of an Oversoul, so this really got my attention. Right off the bat in a shamanic journey, I’m learning something  new! I’ve often heard it said that we reincarnate  together,  that  we’re  drawn  from  the  same “cup of souls.” I tried to tie this concept to the reincarnating-together-theory, but it didn’t really fit. The thing that impressed  me most? That I was in a group Kelley hadn’t felt before. That my own resonance and oversoul group was something unique and new to her, too.

My reaction now

I’ve definitely discounted my initial reincarnating- together-theory. I’ve paid attention over the past year to people and purposes and how they fit together,  and I’m sure I’ve met others in my Oversoul group. Others, ones I know I’ve been with before, are not in  my Oversoul group.

This Oversoul appears as silver lightning, and I see that it is made up of many different tribes. Most groups appear to me as having one challenge or purpose at the fore, but this one is quite eclectic in that their challenge/purpose  seems to be to  support the other groups. This group is more distinguished to me in that it is not distinguishable from all of the other possible combinations of groups.

My reaction then:

I thought the silver lightning was interesting  and being eclectic definitely made sense. Not a lot of reaction otherwise.

My reaction now:

I understand better now this sense of diversity and one-ness with  other groups. Especially  with my chameleon-like Piscean qualities, I’m  easily morphing into certain situations and blending readily with people  around me, if I desire  to (and sometimes  when I don’t).  This really makes sense when I consider my empathic and intuitive abilities.

It has its hand in them all, whereas the others tend to be very self-contained. They have such an incredibly diverse basis and well of energies that they could  be a  grandparent  force behind  the other tribes/groups whose life pattern still includes manifesting in form.

Lorna’s Oversoul  feels like the ‘universal  donor’ of the Soul Group Pool. The symbolism of the 0 seems to indicate not absence, but the invisible factor that is  part of all things. They seem to be teachers and guides, incredibly powerful in working with elemental magick, aficionados in the skill of drawing down elemental power and using it to create. Because this group is so widely ranging in its abilities and  purposes/challenges,  it can be very hard for them to recognize each other in form.

My reaction then:

I really loved the symbolism of the 0 not being a negative or a zero or anything empty but rather, a symbol of the universal connection.  My initial reaction was also that all my bestest friends and spiritual teachers must certainly be in my Oversoul group because, well, they’re my teachers.

My reaction now:

I still love the universal donor description and the symbolic big  0. As for all my friends being in my club, alas, I think that was really just wistful thinking. In looking at the events of the past year, the opposite seems true. And that’s how I read Kelley’s words now—that members of the same group are hard to recognize because of our massive uniqueness (my expression)and occasionally I meet someone who really is a sister to me and I wouldn’t have recognized  it by anything in the physical.  Most of the time, I still can’t, but every now and then, yes.

Most groups recognize each other rather quickly as ‘soulmates’, but this group, it seems, can be very interconnected with other Over- souls and can find a connection where they choose to perceive one. I see that there are many manifest in form from this  group at this time, and that Lorna’s eldest daughter is of this group. Another child in her family is an Oversoul 2, and they all seem to work together very well.

My reaction then:

Shannon is definitely in my Oversoul vibrations. There’s a special closeness we have that is beyond mother and daughter. I think we’ll also be good friends as adults. There was a little sadness that she didn’t see Aislinn as an Oversoul 0 as well, but this isn’t about wishing it to be but  about  how  things  are  and  what  I  can  learn  from them. I had more questions about Aislinn so I asked for a follow-up reading on this portion, but I’ll address that in a separate journal entry.

My reaction now:

Absolutely certain,  especially over the course of the year, that Shannon and I share an Oversoul 0 and that Aislinn is an Oversoul 2. The unique relationship  I have with Shannon by sharing an oversoul does not diminish my  mother-daughter  relationship  with  Aislinn.  It’s  just that there’s  a different  layer of something  I share with Shannon. Aislinn has a different purpose, and a very special one.

I have also noted that while in the same Oversoul, I didn’t recognize Shannon when she was born. She was a stranger to me. Aislinn, on the other hand, was not. The moment the doctor put  her  in my arms and I saw her face, I knew her. Instant bonding.


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