Help for the Human Witch Bottle?

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Third Degree Ebb and Flow.

Last night, I didn’t dream any more of being a human witch bottle full of nails,   but Christopher  Penczak,  one of my favorite newer authors in the Community, gave me a couple of insights. He’s done that before, and there’s something about my infrequent  talks with him that usually yields a new epiphany.

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About my human witch bottle dream, he said:

Yipe. That doesn’t sound pleasant. The way I learned to do a witch bottle was with all sorts of high vibrational stuff – frankincense, myrrh, vervain, blueing, iron powder rather than nails, sea salt, high john root or  Solomon’s seal – and the idea was that the person with harm towards you  would  be  bound,  and  they  would  do  what  their higher soul calls for,  and you would do what your soul

calls for…. perhaps if you get back into the dream ever, you can add other stuff to the bottle.

My first thought was, hey, I’ve got most of those ingredients in my cupboard! Okay, all except the iron powder.

And I’ve used them for many things but not usually

for witch bottles. I was brought up, so to speak, with the rusty nails way of doing business. A lower manifestation, if you will.

My second thought jolts me hard.

It occurs to me that the man in my dreams, the one with the satchel of herbs, may actually have frankincense, myrrh, vervain, etc., in his bag. He was willing to get close enough to help me, but I was pushing him away to protect him.

Protect from what?

Many things.

Getting injured  by the sharp  angles  still left in me. From anyone associating him with me and perhaps filling him with  sharp  angles.  From  breaking  his  vow  not  to touch me. From anything that might do him harm in any way.

Maybe if I am not allowed accept his healing touch, I can at least accept the salve he offers.

I think tonight,  before I dream again, I’ll prepare  a bath with sea salt, frankincense, myrrh.

Flying By Night novel

Now that I seem to have gotten most of the “nails” out, if I’m to be a human witch bottle, then it’s time to change the ingredients into something I prefer.

And I’ll keep away all those  who should  be bound against doing me harm, and let the high vibrations draw to me those who would come in perfect love and perfect trust.


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