My Statues Are at It Again

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Third Degree Ebb and Flow.

Last year, my God and Goddess statues on the Light Altar moved on their own.

The Long-Awaited Honest-to-God Secret to Being Happy

Maybe  it  was  the  vibrations  of  foot  traffic  in  the house, or  maybe  the house  shook  whenever  a jet flew overhead or maybe they were possessed by Deity. Think what you will, but they moved throughout the year, turning at times toward each other and at times, the Goddess statue  turned  Her  back  on  the  God  statue.  He  never turned His back on Her but She was obviously pissed at Him a time or two.

This  went  on  strongly  from  around  March  2005 through July and into August.

Then around mid-August that year, it stopped. They just stopped moving around on the altar. Nothing different in the house. And in the year and more, they haven’t moved again. At all. Just like they were stuck.

For several weeks, I’ve had some of my favorite Arthurian Tarot cards on the Light Altar. Let’s just say, I’ve been calling in a bit of Camelot. This is the deck that also has some  of  my  very  favorite  artwork,  and  I’d  placed some of them on the altar for my enjoyment and my attention.

Today, on two separate occasions—once  when I was in the next room and heard it and later in the same room when it happened—two  cards jumped forward. Almost like the God statue gave them a shove.

I swear. That is what is looks like. Like that little statute came to  life  and flicked those two cards forward at His feet. The first thought I had on both occasions  was that something  was moving  forward. Same  cards,  both times. Similar position, suddenly upright and leaning forward.

Forward’s good. I think.

The cards? The King of Wands…and the Lovers card.


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