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I’ve been asked why the girl in the previous post has a tulip. This has been described  to me in detail by my ex- mom-in-law, but I’ll be brief. It’s not so strange that this child would show up in this meditation,  yet  she was as much as surprise  as the woman of vines and tentacles, basically because they’re the same person.

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When my ex-mom-in-law  was  5 years  old, she was very sick and died. Her twin brother came to her bedside with a tulip to show her and he called to her but she was already gone. Because  he  called  to her, she came back, following his voice. She eventually recovered, lying in her bed and gazing at the tulip in the window.

There is a special  innocence  to this story,  beautiful between her and her brother. It’s something she tried to talk the rest of the family about but they refused to talk about it. I was the only one in her family  or circle  of friends that she could talk to about her near death experience.

This sweet little girl grew up into an extremely con- trolling woman, sister, wife, and mother—she  has 5 kids and they are all as emotionally isolated as my ex. Because of antics toward my daughters this  past summer, I now understand  what  life was  like  for my ex when  he  was growing up and why he is such an emotional  distancer who will not let anyone in and will not share himself with anyone. She is inordinately  attached to her brother and does everything she can to control his  life—and is very upset to keep running up against her sis-in-law who is extremely dominant and won’t put up with this woman’s antics, when she knows about them.

She’s put some bad stuff out there over the years and her karma is  returning in this lifetime. Right now, she’s intent on separating me from my daughters to punish me for leaving the family. I’m not going to let that happen. She has refused to let go of me over the past 2 years. Even  recently  in  meditations,  she  just  keeps  grabbing hold. I’ve tried  to break the ties in a peaceful way. Her health is fair to good and she’s determined  to fix things for her son before she dies, so she’s intensified  her efforts.

Somewhere underneath all this anger and fear of hers is still  that  little  girl  with  the  tulip.  I think  maybe  the monster has to “die” before the innocence can re-emerge.


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