Second Chances and Last Chances

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Third Degree of Truth.

We often get second chances. But what do we do with them? First, we have to recognize a second chance when it comes along. By virtue of an issue coming up again for us or our seeing a pattern that’s not good for us, the Universe if presenting us with a second chance. It’s too bad most people don’t recognize them.

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Even when they do see a second chance for what it is, most people don’t take advantage of what they’re offered. I’ve heard of far too many  patients  on their deathbeds who have begged to be saved by a difficult operation or treatment. They’d do anything—change  their diets, give up  smoking  and alcohol,  get more exercise,  commit  to surgery, whatever it takes to squeeze another drop of life out of their bodies. Within weeks of being given a second chance at life, they’re back to their old ways.

The same happens with people who find themselves in the same situation again and again. They didn’t get the lesson last time, so they get another shot at it. Usually, the ones I see don’t learn from it.  Changing course is hard, and it’s often just too much work. And it does take work, and it does take seeing one’s own part in it all. But most people simply go back to their old ways, fall back into the old pattern.

People give  each  other  second  chances  in relationships, too. Sometimes it’s an opportunity to change old patterns of relating and make a fresh start. Sometimes it’s a chance to see that severing the relationship  was a mistake because  there’s  more  to be  learned  from it. Most people either give too many second chances or they blow the chance they’ve been given—both usually out of fear.

Second chances are a huge gift, not to be taken lightly. We never  know when a second chance will be our last chance.


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