Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Third Degree of Truth.

Maybe it’s just a matter of distinguishing who my real friends are, saving the great news just for them, and being a total bitch to everyone else.

Life Coaching Tips

After the  blast  of  negativity  from  the  second  colleague/old friend with whom I shared a tidbit of news, I received an email from another friend. She’d emailed me several  days  ago,  ironically  asking  the  same  question about my problem with . I’m not sure why is on everyone’s radar right now, but…okay.

I’d forgotten that she’d emailed me before the week- end or that,  because she’s a good friend, I gave her the long version of the status of my problem with and the good news about it.

Would her  response  also  be  to  bring  me  down  to Earth? Or just to bring me down? Would she tell me not to get my hopes up or how something similar didn’t work for her or how it would just all end in misery? Would she judge  me  by  her  own  standards  or  her  own  personal tastes?  Would  she  find  a  way  to  criticize  because  she doesn’t know how to be supportive?

This afternoon, she wrote me to say:

“Oh, Lorna! I hope and fast! I’ll be wait- ing on  pins and needles  to hear from you. Oh, this is good. I just feel it in my gut, this is a Very Good Move.”

Now there’s a friend who’s a blessing.


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