Meditation Work: In My Own “House”

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Third Degree of Truth.

I’ve written often of the sense of walking through a house when I’m meditating and the insights I find there. My own “metaphysical” house seems to be a version of the physical house I grew up in. When, in meditations,  I visit the “houses” that are the inner structures of other people, I know these are not the places where they grew up. At least, as far as I know. Maybe they never had the same sense of roots as I do. Or maybe their houses are all about the image of themselves that they like to project to the world, whether it’s about service to humanity  or the appearance of wealth.

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My own metaphysical house is less about the brick-and-mortar house-which  in meditations  is much  bigger on the inside than on the outside-than it is about the rural area  surrounding  the  building.  My  metaphysical  home also includes the pastures, the creek,  the  ponds, the orchards, Granddaddy’s woods, and the whole of the farm.

Maybe that’s because when I was growing up, I spent so many footsteps planting my energy in that land.

I’m rarely alone in my own house. Usually people I love are there, as well as friends and acquaintances  who stop by to socialize. There are seldom strangers, even if I don’t always recognize the person.

I have noticed that usually the people inside my home are the ones I allow to be there, ones I want there. Others who are  unwelcome  may breach the boundaries  of the farm but they come no further than the threshold of the building. It’s like levels of protection,  concentric  circles around the house to keep out the riff-raff. The wards are up, and booby-trapped,  and very few of the unwanted make it through the outermost circles. Those who do are aware of their trespass,  and each time I see them wriggling through under the fences, they  appear years older than before, and the circles of protection feed off  their energy…which for them is better spent on pursuits other than beefing up my wards, but hey, so be it. I wonder if they take back these  intrusions with them and find another wrinkle in the morning mirror.

But much like with children and pets, those who are loved or thought of fondly are welcome to visit…and frequently do in their daydreams.


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