Meditation Work — A Flash of Light

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Third Degree of Truth.

In my  meditation,  there’s  a  flash  of  the  man  who comes to me in my dreams and visions.

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He is walking now with purpose, in a long robe that’s brown and coarse and hooded. A lantern swings from his hand as he walks, long lunging steps that add bounce to his  knees.  He’s  walking  in  darkness  but  without  fear, moving forward. This is different for him. He’s used to darkened  paths,  to  creeping  along,  to  searching  for  a glimmer of light.

He is  not  accustomed  to  moving  forward  at  this speed, not without giving himself cause to slow down or even to retreat to a safer spot. He’s moving forward and determined.

He turns, still walking forward, and glances once over his shoulder.  The hood falls from his head has he does. He does not pull the hood up again. There’s no more reason to hide himself away.

He moves forward into the dark unknown of the path ahead. He swings the lantern high, like the Hermit or the Seeker of the Tarot decks I like, a light shining all around him, as much from within himself as from  the lantern, lighting his way. He shines the light not just for himself, but for others. Not just to see, but to be seen and found.

He does not stop or slow or turn back. He moves forward, with a courage he has not had before or if so, not in a very long time.

I swear I can hear him whistling as he strides forward.