Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Third Degree of Truth.

Sometimes I mark off days on my calendar, invisibly, and  people  misunderstand.  They  like  to tell  me  that  I shouldn’t be marking things off, as if all the time between two points is wasted time. They see only the two events, like poles in the distance, and not the wires and connections between or the net that I build.

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They tell me life is about  more than marking  time, even if they themselves tell me they have little or nothing to show for the days between two poles except the acquisition of goods or accolades.

But time is never wasted. And I do mark it because it’s worth marking.

Yes, I’ve marked those days off on my calendar,  but they’ve been  very, very full. Full of learning and full of living, of loving. Not perhaps  in the visible way others might require, but nothing is lost or wasted.

The net I construct is a tight and shimmery web of information and desire. They don’t see it. They’re looking for wood and steel and rubber constructed  between two poles in a solid structure that has utility for them.

But it’s the net between that carries the electricity  of my existence, and it crackles with possibility.


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