Look! I’m Manifesting Elephants!

Once you get pretty good at understanding how the Law of Attraction works–or how magickworks–or how prayer works, it can be a little amusing to see your desires given to you so soon after you ask.  I am so amused tonight that I’m still laughing because apparently, I’m manifesting elephants to take care of my stalkers.

About a month ago, I confided in a spiritual coach of mine that I was afraid of a particular small group doing me harm.  One had already stalked me online.  She suggested that perhaps I might involve the Elephant Gods in a protection ritual to set my mind at ease.  I wasn’t aware of any Elephant God other than Ganesha, and this definitely wasn’t a Ganesha issue.  My friend Murv (M.R. Sellars) suggested the Elephant God known as Dumbo, but that definitely didn’t work.  So I did a little research and found out that in some places, elephants themselves were worshiped as gods.  They can sit on enemies’ chests or carry people to safety.

Hmmmm.  So I incorporated that image of protective elephants into my ritual work and felt much better.

Eventually, a few threats did arise.  That’s when

I walked through a store and saw…an elephant.  Or two or three.   Jeweled, wooden, and metal.  Just little knickknacks.  I hadn’t seen them in years but there were a couple of them in different stores.

At first, I wondered if maybe this was a case of selective filtering.  I had elephants on my mind so I was looking for them?  No. Since 1999, I have associated elephants with a former coworker who made my life hell, so I’ve actually found them somewhat distasteful over the years.  When I see one, I remember that I’ve seen one–because I think of that one person.  And it’s been a long, long time since I’ve thought of her.  No, this was something different.  It was exactly 10 days after my adviser had made the suggestion to connect elephants and protection, and just a few days after my ritual.

I took it as a sign and bought a single sparkly elephant on four jeweled legs and put him on the Rock and Gemstone Altar in my living room.   Every time I saw him, I reminded myself that I was protected.


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