Make Your Magick Work by Using the Law of Attraction

The “Light Altar,” a combination of a door mirror and three garden pedestals.  Photo by Lorna Tedder.

Understand and amplify your magick and rituals by using the Law of Attraction, whether your intent is to manifest love, prosperity, healing, protection, or something else.

Making your rituals and spells work is easy if you understand Universal Law.

Ever since The Secretgarnered popularity a few years ago, you’ve heard plenty of hype about manifesting the life you want–which is, of course, the change that magick brings. Most of what you’ve heard on TV or in the news really is nothing more than hype. It’s only part of the stary, and if you try to use the Law of Attraction without really understanding it, you’re likely to misuse it and bring the reverse of what you really want, like in Lauren Hartford’s Fire Burning in Water.

The real Law of Attraction is about intent, belief, and tuning your feelings to the frequency of what you want– which some regard as “to know, to will, and to dare.”


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