Meditation Work: Flashes of Interest

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Third Degree Curves.

Certain abilities of mine are strengthening.  Like muscles being worked, so are the meditative  abilities of the mind. I remember being terribly jealous of friends who could  simply  “see  things.”  I  never considered  myself “visual” and was occasionally  denigrated  for not having that ability.

The Long-Awaited Honest-to-God Secret to Being Happy

A High Priestess is supposed to be the culmination of everyone’s gifts,  don’t you know?  And obviously,  she’s not worth her mojo bag of black salt if she can’t “see,” heal, and light a candle with a mere glance.  Okay…still working on the healing thing and the candle-lighting….

Interesting exercise a few nights ago. In my meditation, I got nothing but flashes.  Not story-telling  or an easy segue into what could as easily have been video-clips. Just a simple, directed meditation to see “who’s thinking on me this evening?” as day slipped away into night.

I wanted to make sure my meditation wasn’t intruding

on anyone  else’s  privacy, so I simply  put the idea out there to see who would answer…with interesting results.

  • It is a man who is thinking of me. He’s in a gym ora weight  room, perhaps.  He’s sitting  on what  is either a weight bench or a Nautilus-type  machine and…slouching.  It makes me laugh. He’s a million miles away from all the activity in the air  around him. He changes positions, from one machine or bench to another, and there’s a sense of him lifting hand weights and his biceps curling. Hmmm, nice muscles, in fact. He’s distracted,  and  I’m on his mind. I don’t know what about me, or who he is, or what I’ve done to capture his attention, but it’s vividly in front of me. And then it’s gone.
  • It is  a man  who  is thinking  of  me,  though  the scenery is  different. I don’t know if it’s the same man or where this is. I’ve never been to this place. It’s late in the day, with some sunshine left but the shadows are long and peaceful. There’s water, like a stream or a slow-moving  river or a still creek. It mirrors the trees and green grass on the other side. It’s peaceful, and someone’s  thinking  of me and wondering if I would like this place. The answer is yes, very much. It makes me want to breathe it in and sigh.  There’s a serenity here, if one cares to soak it up. I would love to spend an afternoon sit- ting here on the water, just gazing out.
  • It is a man who is thinking of me. (What? Three men? At one time? Or the same one? I’m not that popular!) This man is, I  believe,  at home. For a few  moments,  there  are  others  present  but  he’s not  present…he’s  far  away  and  thinking  of  me. He’s  staring  across the room at the TV but not particularly interested in what’s on the screen. He gets up and moves, and sits at a computer  monitor, sprawled out, slouching, drinking what I think is a beer. A bottle? He seems to flip it upward by the neck of the bottle. He’s brooding and scrolling through pages on the computer screen. I can’t tell what they are, but they’re colorful. He’s brooding, nonchalant,   ambivalent…conflicted.   Why  is  he thinking of me? Why would I have that effect on someone?

The flashes continue…some  of women smiling back, women I don’t  know.  And I have no idea what  that’s about or who the skinny woman with long blonde hair is, but her coyness is disturbing. She feels like a threat to me. I don’t like her.

But the man/men,  I like very much. They’re sweet, and their  thoughts on me and my effect on them?  All genuine.

We pass so many people every day in our lives. Just how many do we have an effect on and never know it?


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