Why Can’t I Be Like Other Women?

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Third Degree Tilt.

What’s wrong  with  me?  Why  can’t  I  be  like  other women? Why can’t  I just be like every  other  divorced woman within 10 years of my age—and half the married women I know—and just go get me a fuck-buddy or two or three or ten and be fine with that? Logically speaking, it would fit my busy lifestyle  just perfectly.  I have too many  projects  to finish to be in a relationship  anyway, right?

The Long-Awaited Honest-to-God Secret to Being Happy


Since arriving in and returning from Daytona, I’ve had

a lot of log-jams break open, one of them being that suddenly there are  bagfuls of men who seem interested  in having a relationship with me…of some sort. And I get to define the sort.

In the past two weeks, I’ve had six men of apparent “quality”  introduce themselves to me. Sexy, cute, sweet. Five are between 30 and  38, and one’s 43. (Yeah, men who don’t read my blog and don’t know that I’m a writer, and probably  will never  know,  but if they  do find my blog, that’s okay,  too.) All professionals  and successful businessmen. All wanting to go to dinner, all wanting to be in my life. All interested in me on the physical level, at the very least, and that’s always a nice ego-stroke.

This feels strange. Like standing in front of a window (or a line-up!)  and being able to pick and choose.  If I wanted,  I could have  a  different  one service  me every night and then rest on the seventh day.

Yeah, just what every girl wants, huh? And here’s my opportunity to live the fantasy.

Then  why  am  I  not  jumping  at  the  opportunity? What’s wrong with me?

I haven’t  felt  a  connection  with  any  of  them.  Just sorta ho-hum. Not that there’s anything wrong them, that I know of, but none of them intrigues me. Do they have to intrigue me to be my “buddy”? No, I guess not. I just don’t  know  that  I  could  be  satisfied  with  something purely  physical.  I  think  I’d  really  rather  be  emotional about someone before being physical with them. (Yeah, my Moon’s in Aquarius and my Venus is in Pisces. I like lots of variety but want him  to  be the only boy in my world. Figures.)

So I haven’t called any of them back. I have plenty else to  work  on  while  I make  up  my  mind…books  to write…patios to build…things that need to be chainsawed down.Flying By Night novel

But last night’s meditation shook me up. If I’d been considering accepting an offer from any of those six men, the meditation curbed my appetite.

I guess I needed the reminder, though, that someone will feel so deeply about me that he won’t want to stay on this plane after I’ve gone and that he’ll regret every moment that I wasn’t in his life. Funny to say that…looking at the past  from  some point in someone  else’s  future, from the end of his days.

I don’t  define  myself  by  my  mate  or  by  the  lack thereof,  yet  some  time  now,  I’ve  known  that  I’m  not meant to be alone and that I will be happy again with a partner, happier than I’ve ever been, and that all the pain of previous relationships  will be worth it to get to this new relationship. There’s a new home and a new house somewhere else,  somewhere that isn’t here in the direct path of hurricanes coming ashore.  There’s water nearby and a garden and trees. There’s plenty of talk of the esoteric. I completely  understand  his mission in life, and he completely “gets” me, too, and loves my writing and the way I think. He just wants to be with me. Whenever I am with him, he feels at home and loved,  and so do I. In spite  of everything  either  of us has endured,  there  are emotions between  the two of us that surpass  anything either of us has encountered  before. There’s lots of life- work between the two of us, work that we enjoy, though I’m at home more and on the road perhaps  more…and life is content and secure and exciting and filled with love, all at once.

And, to my utter surprise, there’s a child. I mean, I thought I was long past that, but there is definitely a child in this vision I keep having. A boy, I think. I don’t know if he’s adopted or a child of my own body, but he is ours, whatever that means, and we’re a family. Until  these visions, I never once worried about my biological clock, but perhaps he is to come to me in some other way.

This man in my future seems to be more than that, though.  Much  more.  I’ve  caught  glimpses  of  a  man’s emotions, felt  them from the inside, and they are deep and loving and beautiful and  intense  and eternal.  Who this man is, well, that’s still up in the air.

I’m shown different  possibilities for who the man is, and almost all of them are strangers to me still or either I must not recognize  them.  Two or three times, a blond man  with blue eyes appears,  though  he’s  generally  just saying hello and friendly and keeps his distance. And occasionally a man with longish black hair will show up as part of a crowd but he’s more of a spectator, too, perhaps a witch from elsewhere with some interest in me. The single familiar face I’ve ever seen in any of these visions has been that  of  The  Treat,  and  we’re  usually  engaged  in deep, quiet,  up-close, intense conversation…or  he’s playing his guitar for me and making up the music as he goes. He still often visits me in the Dreamtime and shows me wonderful  and amazing things that are not part of my own frame of reference—like  what it’s like to hold life in your hands every day—but I haven’t seen him face-to-face in a very long time, and that’s been entirely his choice and I no longer hear back from him. It would  seem that, at least on a conscious level, he has forgotten me.

But as for this man I feel in my future, most of the time, I’m not shown a face, just a sense of him, a presence. I can’t say he’s definitely  someone I know already because there’s a sense of knowing that goes beyond this lifetime, so it feels as if I do know him already, but on every  possible level, even though I can’t possibly know anyone on this physical plane as well as I know the man in my future. Maybe that’s because I know him so well in that future that it feels I’ve known him for all time.  Or maybe my soul really has known his for all time. I don’t know. On  the Etheric level, it’s just such a strong presence that seeing his face  doesn’t matter. Seeing his face would almost be a distraction….

And then, too, I guess maybe it’s not yet decided who he’ll be. He has a choice in this, too.

Sometimes I see his hands or hear his whisper from beside my cheek. Sometimes there are deep and passion- ate kisses  and I’m not  even  aware of his face, just his presence. Yeah, wow…this is a passionate man in my future.

So that’s  what  this  disturbing  meditation  was  all about…being reminded  that there is somebody  out there worth waiting for…if I choose to wait. Or that if I choose to dive into a relationship, it will be a good one. In either case, there is happiness ahead, lots of it. And if I’m alone, it’s only because I choose to be.


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