The Wanted Poster: Prince of Swords

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Third Degree Tilt.

I’m experimenting,  testing,  trying  my  intuition.  My clairvoyant friends tell me they’ve seen this man in my future and they try to describe him but to no avail. My kingdom for a psychic pal who can draw! The Prince of Swords (in the Witches’  Tarot deck) has been presented to me recently as someone very important to me by next spring. Funny, but the Summer Solstice burns next week and there’s no Prince of Swords waving his blade around me right now. Then again, this card is in the future, not the present.

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But hey, it’s the wee hours of a weekend morning, the kids are asleep, my work is done for the day, and how better to spend my  insomnia than with a glass of wine and an exercise in my own intuitive gifts.

This deck  really  speaks  to  me.  It’s  Kabbalah-based and heavy on the symbolism that it calls forth. So I call it forth and concentrate on what I see in the card.

I like this card very much, and after a single glass of wine  (my  usual limit  for  the  week),  he’s  looking  quite pretty!

He’s younger. Maybe in his late 20’s, but I think a little older than that. I don’t think he’s reached his 40’s yet. He still has a headful  of hair and a subtle  virility,  not overt, but still quite passionate beneath the surface. His face bears the markings of worry and wear, so while he’s younger, he’s not without experience in the world. He’s known pain, up close. He’s seen death, up close. There’s a serious and deep side to him.

I’m drawn to his feet. Boots in motion. He is on the move.  Going somewhere.  Pressing  forward.  I  find  his path fascinating.  He is moving forward, out of the darkness on the path he’s traveled. He is still in darkness but the next step will take him into the light. So close! He has been  trudging  uphill,  but  he’s  past  that  now.  He  isn’t looking back  so  he  may  not  even  know  how  far  he’s come. The road ahead is brighter, clearer. All he has to do is keep moving forward.

It’s summer. The flowers in the fields are lush and full of color. Sunshine beams beyond the glade. The trees are rich with green and varying in size, and he is coming out of the woods and he is coming out of the woods in summertime.

The sword in his left hand is upright. His receptive hand. He’s a man of action but a man of ideas rather than feeling.  The  creek  beside  the path,  the  steady  flow  of emotions, is dry and overgrown at the moment. He’s very serious about his ideas, too. Enough so to push aside any feelings  underneath  until  he’s  done  with  the  action  at hand. Intent on moving forward and getting somewhere. He’s going  to make  things  happen,  I think.  He’s  very powerful, even for a prince. Just not expressive right now of his emotional cup. He’s decked out in red, a color of courage and passion and blood. A color of action. Yet his cloak draws my attention. It’s decorated beautifully, but it blends in with the flowers and ground and his surroundings…on the outside. On the inside, it hides his true colors.

Flying By Night novel

Wow. He is not as others often see him. There’s an immense passion under the camouflage of the cloak.

But this is a man of action, of focus. A man who gets things done by attacking one idea at a time with his receptive hand and with his projective hand tight by his side. And he’s deadly serious in his course. He will not retreat. He is in motion.  He will press  forward  and make life bend to his will…once he steps out of the darkness and into the light. He is getting ready to attack life head-on.

Hmmm. Yum.


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