The Boy Finds His Heart— Prince of Cups

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Third Degree Tilt.

I ask to see a year into the future…late Summer or Autumn of next year. I want to know what happens to my Prince of Swords.

The Long-Awaited Honest-to-God Secret to Being Happy

And this is the card that comes. The Prince of Cups. Of all the cards….

It’s incredible to me, the difference in a year. He is the same man and yet, everything is different.

He is no longer super-serious.  There’s a lightness to his being as I pour myself a second glass of merlot. Al- though time has passed, he  actually feels younger now, more playful. More heart-oriented.

I’m drawn again to his feet. Though he is stepping into a lighter realm, his is no longer walking our of darkness or along a shaded path.  His feet are on a path of light and moving forward. He’s come over a hill, yes, and out of the woods, but the path is clear and bright and quite lush and lovely.

The creek beside him, filled with the water of emotion, flows  freely.  The  fields  are  aglow  with  blooming flowers and  fertile and filled with promise fulfilled. The cup of emotion in his receptive hand is glowing and out- pouring,  now  willing  to  accept  relationships   and  joy, while his right fist is no longer so seemingly tight.

He wears a gentle, loving blue. The color of serenity and peace at last. And this time, the cloak he shows the world matches the real him  underneath. There’s a sense of wholeness, completeness.

This is a man who has come to terms with his loving emotions  and  carries  them  forth  into  joy  and  into  a brighter future.

What a  difference  this  card  makes  when  it  moves from action into feeling!


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