Changing Your Life with Quantum Physics

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Crimes to the Third Degree.

One of the things I’ve learned in my experiments with quantum physics (which anyone can do!) and unified field theory is the importance of positive thinking in the direction your life takes and the laws of attraction.

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Sometimes positive thinking is the same as faith or belief. I’ve seen people who were steadfast in their belief that something obscure but joyous would happen, and I’ve been amazed to see it happen-amazed because of my negative thinking about the subject. They, however, never wavered in their faith. Me? I never thought of it as a lack of faith or belief but rather, that it couldn’t happen to me. That’s how I was raised, though. To expect the worst. And it affected my choices. Sometimes, it still does.

I’ve seen people constantly immersed in trauma and drama. They draw it to themselves. They expect it. And they get what they ask The Universe for, even if they don’t realize they’re begging for it. I’m learning not to complain about being bored because I won’t be for long!

I’ve seen people who never seem to have anything good happen to them. And yes, I’ve dealt with some real pain in my life, too, but it’s important to look at the bad stuff and learn from it, then release it, then fill that hole with something positive. It takes a conscious effort.

But I’ve seen those people who complain of being stuck in the worst hell imaginable-and they are-but they don’t really believe it will ever get any better. They eat, drink, and breathe Murphy’s Law. Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong…on a daily basis because that’s what they expect and what they look for out of life. They draw the negatives to them, and pretty soon there’s nothing that’s right in their lives, even if they’ve completely overlooked wonderful friendships, supportive lovers, and respect in the community. All they can focus on is the negative outcome, so much so that they forget the good or the good becomes insignificant in the long run.

By applying quantum physics to the problem, they change their choices and change the outcomes. They focus on other choices and draw other outcomes to them. They change their reality. They re-direct their energy to a different place, a different intent, a different path. Which path do I want to take?

For example, I met a cute, sweet man, who-on the surface, at least-seemed to have something in common with me. Not much, but considering that my dating pool here consists of conservative Southern Baptist Republican professionals who work on or for the military and I’m a card-carrying witch with 2 kids and a history as a romance novelist, Department of Defense contract negotiator, and stage-fencing swordswoman, “not much” is rather significant. I didn’t sense any chemistry between us, let alone alchemy, but I’m trying to remain open to new opportunities. It’s a rarity for me to find anyone I’m willing to have coffee with and I’m honestly trying to socialize more, so I was looking forward to meeting for coffee.

Alas, I have not heard from him in several days.

Flying By Night novel

My future path regarding this man depends on whether I look to the high or the low manifestations of our connection. Low manifestations are those that batter the self-esteem and tell me it’s the best I can do and I have to settle even though I’m not terribly excited about him. Well, I don’t want to settle. I want what I want. But if I focus on the low manifestations, that’s as much as I’ll ever be able to expect, much like a man in his mid-30’s said this week…all the women out there just want a man who will take care of them and that’s all they’re looking for. Yes, he’s right that many do, but by being willing to accept those women as his most likely choices for a mate, he doesn’t realize how many women are independent free-thinkers who aren’t looking for a daddy. That’s not the path I want to be on: I want to look for the high manifestations.

The fact is, he hasn’t communicated with me in 5 days. The low manifestations, the negative “choices” I can make about this Coffee Guy situation are those self-sabotaging ones that whisper in my ear: 1. “He thinks you’re unattractive,” 2. “He thinks you’re boring,” 3. “He’s embarrassed by the way you dress.” All those choices change the way I perceive myself and the situation, and they change whatever course I might take with him.

But there are other choices if I’ve a mind to look. He travels, so maybe he’s out of town. His latest project is behind deadline, so maybe he’s working a lot of overtime. He flinched when I mentioned that I have kids, so maybe he’s afraid my being a mother will reflect poorly on how I might sip my drink at lunch. He seemed uncomfortable when he asked what church I attend and I told him I find God in Nature and in the spheres. He doesn’t like older women (he’s 2 years younger). Maybe he didn’t get my last message and thinks I’m ignoring him. Maybe he’s been frantically trying to call me and my phone’s not kicking in as it should. Or maybe he saw that I’m just not that into him and if I never hear from him again, I won’t be upset.

So there are lots of choices, not just automatically the negatives ones. By choosing positive outcomes and a variety of solutions-not just the negative or the ones that will make me feel downtrodden-I expand the paths my life can take and I choose not to attract those negatives to me. Sometimes I set up these choices and send forth my intentions in ritual as a way of formalizing that I’m ready to accept these choices and these new pathways.

I choose not to accept the worst as the obvious answer. I choose to stay connected-emotionally and spiritually-with the ones I love, whether near or far, and to expect wonderful things. I expect to be loved, and I expect to be treated well. And that, that is a grand step in changing the future from something that would be dreary and troublesome into a life that’s heaven on Earth.


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