A Wonderful Birthday

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Crimes to the Third Degree.

Even though my girls were out of town yesterday, I had a marvelous birthday! The best I’ve had in years…maybe since my 21st birthday, in fact, when some 6-foot, 6-inch guy in a club picked me up upside down and carried me around the bar to say hello to his friends and later apologized for his behavior by moving the car that had mine blocked in…with his bare hands….into the creek…sideways.

Flying By Night novel

What made the day so special?

I took the day off from work! I learned several years ago not to spend my birthday with my co-workers, no matter how much I might like some of them. Better to spend it contemplating the coming year.

A long talk with AngelSu that confirmed some things I’d been feeling and helped me understand a situation particularly well.

Lunch with Vicki at a little restaurant in Seaside, followed by a walk out to the beach, the stunningly beautiful weather, the teal and turquoise and jade green of the Gulf waters, and lots of sharing of life, emotions, plans, and laughs. Then there was the young honeymooner who chatted with us while his fluff-bit of a wife chattered endlessly on the phone. As Vicki and I left, she asked me where that guy’s brain was when he married her. We exchanged looks and burst into laughter. Yep, we know where his brain was.

Shopping at a few unusual places. Two pairs of shoes (I had a hole in the bottom of the beloved pair I was wearing today), lots of new panties, a skirt, sunflowers, Grape Fanta, Mint Milanos, and the strangest hat I’ve ever seen, but I simply must wear it to the convention I’m going to in Daytona in May when Vicki and Marge and I will plan to have a little fun wearing hats around all those romance novel cover boys.

An intense meditation that may have been an astral projection experience. I’m still not quite sure what to make of it.

Getting to hear Jean sing “Happy Birthday” to me in her best Marilyn Monroe voice. Podcasting, here we come!

All the birthday text messages and phone calls from my wonderful daughters!

The email from my mom that 43 years ago, she’d been so happy because she had her long-awaited little girl. Hmmm. I wonder if I was really a horrible baby for the first year because I’m 44, not 43….


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