Beltane Ritual Memories, From 2007

Lorna Tedder, Ostara 2010

From the upcoming book, Passion to the Third Degree; originally published in 2007.

I am exhilarated, mellow, happy, calm, peaceful, powerful, amazed, excited, sleepy, and awake all at once. Ah, I feel wonderful.

You know it’s a great ritual when you feel the energy coursing through your body to the extent that your whole body is rocking with the waves and your ears throb from the pressure. I love the way a good rit can do that to me.

The sounds of the night birds were beautiful, as was the moon, so clear and full.

No Great Rites this Beltane. The Goddess had something else in mind. I’m eager to sit back and watch. There’ll be rites enough.

No doubts. None.

Now if my ears would just stop pounding….

And of course, I do reek of dragon’s blood, rose oil, and wine….


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