Q&A on the Law of Attraction Relationship Book

Occasionally I get questions on the books sold through this site, particularly on ones I’ve written.  I frequently write new articles that are related to some of these books and new insights that have arisen since they were published.  Some of those articles will be incorporated into future editions, but for now, they’re free to everyone to enjoy.

Attract Him Back: Master the Law of Attraction to Bring Back Friends, Lovers, and Relationships from your Past is one of our most popular books and receives the most  queries, so I’ll try to answer the most recent questions in one batch.

  1. Have you really attracted that many men back into your life? 

Yes. Some I refer to in the book overlap between chapters, so there may be 5 chapters that are based on my experiences with one person.  Also, keep in mind that I’m not 22 with only one or two former boyfriends or friends I’d like to bring back into my life.  My romantic life has spanned 30 years, and I find that they tend to return at least once and that I’m given a second chance at  a relationship.

  1. Have you attracted back any more men since you wrote the book?

Yes, three more have come back to me.  One was a very serious relationship

and two others were dating relationships that ended suddenly and with no explanation.  Only one of these men would I be even slightly interested in building a new relationship with, and that is strictly as a friend.  Two had changed so much over the years that they weren’t recognizable to me, but I had wanted to bring them back into my life.  They person each was is gone and I’m not interested—at all—in the new version of either man.  The third one confessed to me that he made a poor choice in ending our relationship in favor of someone he thought was more suited to what his pre-conceived ideas of a wife were.  He’s been through 4 marriages/significant others since and has wondered all these years how life might have been with me if he’d followed his heart.  That’s nice to know now, after wondering for so long, especially why he broke it off, but I’m not interested in him romantically at this point in time.   Since he’s been honest with me, I’m very interested in a friendship and look forward to building on that, but whereas I didn’t meet his needs back then, he doesn’t meet my needs now.

  1. Are there any more men you’d like to “attract back”?

Yes.  Several.  But I also realize they’re in a very screwed-up place right now or either they’re working through their own issues alone.  I have no doubt that they’ll return when they’ve worked through their problems.  Right now, I’m in a happy place and don’t want to deal with their dramas or deprive them of the life lesson of learning to fix their own problems.

  1. Can you clarify a bit more about the vacuum and nature not tolerating emptiness chapter?

Yes, let me try to put it in a somewhat different way.  Whether we’re talking about time or people or effort, your life will fill up.  This is why we may let go of an old chore or hobby and still wonder why we don’t have more time.  For example, if you used to have a best friend you spent 2 hours a day talking to and you decide you’re not best friends any longer, those 2 hours a day will quickly get filled up with…playing online, watching TV, a new hobby, etc.  For the initial days, you’ll be lonely and really feel that gap in time but in 6 months, you’ll wonder how you were able to talk for 2 hours a day and get everything done that must be done.  That gap is that vacuum, and it gets filled with something, even if you don’t realize it or you’re not sure what filled it.

By the same token, if your life is full, then there’s no room for something or someone new.  If you are trying to move on to a possible new relationship and you haven’t gotten over the old relationship, then there’s no room for something new—or a retread of the old.  The guy may be long gone but as long as you’re holding that spot, no one new is going to fill it.  You may meet someone new and want them to fill that spot, but until you’re ready to let go of it and allow someone else to fill that gap, it won’t happen.  If you’re trying to attract a specific person back into your life, you may find that the place you hold for him/her is already full—of the way the relationship was and all the hurt that surrounded it when he/she left your life.  As long as you’re holding on to all that negativity/hurt/jealousy/anger/dark emotion, it takes on a life of its own and holds that place.  There’s no room for that person to come back.


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