Empathic Abilities and Connections: “The Feeling”

The unseen world around us is like this web except made of energy.   Photo credit:   Automania; creative commons license.

Empathy, empathic abilities, and what I call “energetic connections” (or emotional connections) between people are all about feeling what someone else is feeling. Some of us empaths, or “highly sensitive people,” have these abilities more than others, to the extent where it seems like a curse. If you’ve formed an emotional, empathy-type connection to someone who is terminally sick, mentally ill, or overstressed, the emotions can be debilitating. On the other hand, merging with a lover takes biological to chemical to alchemical thrills.

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Examples of such connections:

– A mother’s intuition where she feels her baby’s pinched finger as if it were her own flesh.

– Suddenly feeling something is horribly wrong and getting a call 10 minutes later that a loved one has died.

– A High Priestess who forms a strong bond with the Initiates of her coven and can sense when one of them is in trouble—or doing quite well.

For more information on empathy and “highly sensitive people,” and for the most extensive article archive online concerning “energetic connections,” we recommend the empathy, energy, and psychic categories of this website.


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