Psychic Spying: Revealing your own Secrets by Mistake

I am totally in love with this artist’s work.  Please check it out.  Photo Copyright:  alicepopkorn; creative commons license.

I am totally in love with this artist’s work.  Please check it out.  Photo Copyright:  alicepopkorn; creative commons license.

Psychic Spying can backfire in the worst sort of way—you can not only alert the person you’re snooping on, but divulge your own deepest, darkest secrets.

Several years ago, I was at a metaphysical festival in Florida where I met various healers, intuitives, and vendors of all sorts of New Age items and services.

. While waiting for my daughter to return from a booth hawking fairy designs, one of the less busy psychics handed me a flyer with her resume, testimonials, rates, and—imprinted in bold letters across the top of the page—a message that said

N O    P S Y C H I C    S P Y I N G

Beneath that, she detailed how she wouldn’t check up on your romantic interest’s other, er, interests or anything that wasn’t directly related to you. She also wouldn’t snoop on your children to see if they were having underage sex or hanging out with a forbidden playmate, or if your husband was thinking of having an affair.Flying By Night novel

I laughed when I read it because I knew exactly what she meant. A shaman I talked with more recently, with my daughter present for the appointment set-up, warned me that he wouldn’t tell me the results of my daughter’s reading because she was over 18 and was entitled to her privacy. I grinned at him and explained that it had never crossed my mind: we’re already close and she tells me most everything I want to know and beyond that, I have a rather stellar intuition of my own.  A few hours later, my daughter and I shared a lengthy car ride and compared notes gleefully.

But the point on psychic spying is well-taken, and for reasons that most people don’t realize.

I don’t consider myself a psychic, though I am very intuitive and often have the knowing. No matter. I have clairvoyant friends of such high caliber that I don’t compare. However, I am an empath, and I understand how these energetic connections and psychic connections work.

The reason a psychic, shaman, empath, etc, may refuse to participate in psychic spying goes a level deeper than ethics. Some will certainly do it for the money or curiosity. Others will do it if there is a personal threat to you or it is directly related to you, such as checking to see if a potential business partner is financially responsible and will continue to be so with your money… or if the guy who just proposed has a hidden history of abuse or would begin one with you…or if a mentally unstable rival is likely to go after you with a knife. These are the same things you might find out with a good private investigator but one who has some insight into future probabilities.

But there’s another reason why many intuitives will not indulge your need for psychic spying.

When people try to connect with me through clairvoyant means, I as an empath usually not only know it but I can follow it back to them and see things about them that they’d rather keep hidden. Dark, bad things. I’ve had this happen with boyfriends’ ex-girlfriend drama queens, only to realize that the exes were far crazier than the guys had suggested. In that moment of connection, I could see how disturbed and disturbing some of these clingy young women were, including things that they’d never shared with the mutual men in our lives.

By far, the most disturbing encounter was an over-protective friend of a woman I was in business with. Our business partnership had disintegrated because we had different visions for a project, and no matter how I tried to keep it professional and calm, the woman became unstable, controlling, and abusive. It was personal to both of us, but she was far more emotionally involved and needed to blame someone for the project’s failure—that someone being me.  She was sure I’d gotten rich at her expense and couldn’t understand that our joint venture had been very costly to me financially.  That’s when her shaman friend stepped in to “help” her by paying me a little visit energetically and doing a little bit of psychic spying. The purpose was to see if I was the liar I’d been made out to be.

It felt as if the shaman friend had walked into a dark room where I stood, and that she was standing in the shadows behind me, watching to see if I would celebrate her friend’s troubles or make some motion that would betray my intentions. I was aware of her but she didn’t realize I knew she was there. I had nothing to hide, so my guard was down and I let her see—fully—that I had nothing to hide and that I’d been truthful. At that moment, it was as if all the light around me focused on her and I turned to see her, to look into her eyes. In the same instant, I saw something in her that she’d never let anyone see. I saw her deep craving for self-amputation, and I reeled unexpectedly, showing her that I’d seen, that I’d seen it all because she carried her secrets with her to try to learn mine. She fled the room.

You see, here’s how psychic spying works when the person spied upon is an empath or intuitive—and you really never know: it’s as if you look into a hand mirror to try to see me in a different part of the room without me knowing you’re looking at me. Got it? You can’t see your own face or eyes in the mirror–just me because I’m what you’re focusing on. However, all I have to do is be alerted that you’re looking at me and I can look at the mirror in your hand and I won’t see myself in it–I’ll see your face and eyes.

It’s the same with energetic connections and psychic spying. The thing about these connections is that it’s never a one-way street, not if the other person is just as talented as you are.


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