Psychic Abilities and Intuition: The “Knowing”

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Whether you call it psychic abilities, clairvoyance, or intuition, most of us have it—a least to some degree. A former circle-mate of mine used to call it “the gift of knowing.” She wasn’t what I would call a gifted psychic, but she did have what she described as “flashes of knowing.”

Later, as I began to open myself up to the possibility of possessing clairvoyant talents, I also began to trust my intuition, that little voice inside that told me something was right or wrong, or that something was coming or something was leaving my life. Ironically, though I never considered myself to be psychic, I became much more so after leaving to trust my own judgment and intuition on personal matters.

I’ve been blessed to have personally known some really accurate psychics who could call up answers and insights within seconds – some of which I wanted to hear and some that I didn’t.

Some gave bad information because they interpreted it through their own filters, translating the injured baby in my arms as my own rather than a relative’s. Some have been 98% accurate and with others, a single success would have been exceptional.

The best explanations I had of psychic abilities is that they are a snapshot of the energy of a situation at a particular point in time. A lot can change, though. It’s said that “A prophecy fulfilled is a prophecy failed” and that “forewarned is forearmed.” What these forecasts give is a chance to change the future to something better. The prediction that a man will die at age 37 might be a wake-up call to quit smoking two packs a day and lose 50 pounds. It’s not necessarily a done deal!

I think I best like the way Stephenie Meyer explained Alice’s psychic abilities in her bestselling Twilight vampire books. Alice could see briefly into the future, but only so far as the course ahead was certain. If the future was uncertain, then the psychic vampire couldn’t see it, but once a decision was made, she could clearly predict future events. The psychic ability was linked directly to the decision tree of the person(s) involved.

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