Proving Your Intuition Is Correct

I’ve come to trust my intuition more than ever in the past year. And at the same time, there are still the times when I’m unsure. And I like to be sure. I do.

How do you verify your intuition? If there’s a pattern to follow, then it tastes like it might be right.

Probability of success is there.Your intuition doesn’t come from inside you, I’ve been told. It’s God talking to you.

Okay, great. So if I don’t trust my intuition, I don’t trust God? Now I can feel guilty, too?

I can verify my intuition through discussion with others, whether it’s talking things through or gathering facts. But sometimes, there’s just nothing in advance to say it’s a good decision.

That’s when the last form of confirmation is the hardest on those of us who were born impatient and “out of time.”

Sometimes confirmation of your intuition comes through delivery.

© 2006, Excerpt from The Third Degree Diaries, by Lorna Tedder, www.spilledcandy.comThe books in this series may be read in any order or, to see the author’s spiritual growth and use it for your on roadmap, start with the first book in the series.


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