Psychic Connections Know No Bounds

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Can you feel psychic connections across time and space?

As in, can I connect with someone from 2 years ago or from 2 years from now? I don’t know.

I haven’t been able to, at least not much. Or have I just never really thought about what’s also known as energetic connections, empathic connections, and quantum entanglement?

I’ve connected with people in the future–their feelings, at least, and some in the past, particularly with past life work. I’ve seen intuitives do this at least 5 years in advance. So it should be a yes to this question since time isn’t really linear.

As for space, with people

people I’ve had deep personal psychic connections with, I’ve felt them readily (and unintentionally) as far away as Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York from here in the Florida panhandle. Somewhat in DC and the Los Angeles areas. Strongly on the other coast of Florida and in Georgia. I can often feel a friend in New York when times are rough for her, despite her happy outlook. I can frequently feel another dear one in Virginia. I’ve also felt the empathic connections as far away as Afghanistan and Iraq but didn’t have a strong connection to them at close range, so I was surprised to pick up even that, especially at that distance. It’s how I knew my friend Maverick was safe even when we lost communication for several months. I was able to reach out to him and know he was okay, though very scared. That’s definitely a huge benefit when it comes to psychic connections.

I can discern a difference in geographical coordinates, as in, if a person here is 2 miles from me and I can feel him strongly, I know when he’s away on a business or pleasure trip. I learned this when a friend moved away and I could discern terrible anxieties in him 6 hours away, though not as strongly as when he’d been upset while living here. It’s most closely explained in thinking of talking on the phone to someone down the street and getting a loud and clear voice but if he calls from London, he sounds farther away and I might get some static. If he’s crying on the phone, I can still hear him, but I can tell he’s not down the street anymore and that he’s upset.

So yes, psychic connections can be felt—though not always clearly—across time and space.


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