Gratitude Road by bartmaguire.

Photo by bartmaguire; creative commons license

For some people, being told that they need to be grateful is a pressure that makes feeling real gratitude nearly impossible. It’s hard to feel it freely when you’re being lectured on what you should feel.

The idea of “gratitude” is difficult for some people because it seems either disingenuous or…well…they’re just too busy to recognize the good stuff or take it for granted, then get lost in the not-so-good stuff.  That’s what gratitude is—acknowledging what’s come into your life that you want more of.

We often make plans for our daily activities, but how often do we take the time to smile about what we’ve done or how we feel?  If you’ve read my tips on using Morning Strategy Sessionsto bring wonderful things into your life or Time-Lining Intentions, you may wish to expand this manifesting technique with…..

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