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I’m combining long-term intentions with daily intentions in two rather effective ways.

First, I hold my “morning strategy sessions with the Universe” at usually about 5:30 AM when I’m on my way to work.  I have time alone to

decide how I want my day to go, what I want to accomplish, what I like to work on.  Most of the time–unless I’m overambitious as I sometimes am–I accomplish all my intentions for the day.  They can be as simple as thinking about how much I like it when I’m in an all-day meeting that I find too interesting to fall asleep in…or they can be a longer list of what I’d like to learn about, which people I’d like to have pleasant conversations with, getting exercise I enjoy, working productively on a particular project.  These intentions are usually more about what I myself can do in a small environment and have some degree of control over, at least as far as my attitude goes.

Second, those longer-term intentions, similar to what many people consider New Year’s resolutions, have a different tone to them. They’re…bigger…and require some Higher Level help.  These are the things that the Universe has more of a hand in mixing and molding for me, of which I deal with the tiny inner workings in my daily intentions. I’ve found that these usually do come to pass, though not always in an expected way and often in a way I had no control over.  And usually not in a “bad” way either.

My intentions for this year were set not on New Year’s Day but at the Winter Solstice, in the first degree of Capricorn to represent manifestation.  It’s now been two months since I set these intentions, and it’s time to assess how they’re going. Of the 13 things I wanted to bring into my life, I’ve seen definite progress on 9 of them.

Here are a few examples:

Good health:  We often make the New Year’s resolution to “lose weight” or “exercise more” or “eat right.”  I wanted to improve my health, and in January, I found the answer to how to eat right according to my specific metabolism and I found the right kind of exercise that I absolutely love and can’t wait to do–every day if I can–for a whole hour or more!  In less than a month, I’ve lost a dress size and a net 6 to 8 pounds, though I’ve added muscle so I’m not sure exactly what the loss/gain is.  I also found the answer to two minor health problems no one knows about but that have plagued me for decades, and they should be entirely resolved in the next month.  The answer to both came to me in unexpected ways, even though I had tried those methods incorrectly several times before.

A better relationship with _____:  Out of the blue in mid-February, this person had an epiphany that is turning everything around.  We are finally understanding one another.  There was little to nothing that I could do to improve this relationship until this happened, and it happened without my direct involvement.

All my books and projects will be written effortlessly and enjoyably: This ties in with my exercise regimen.  I can dictate a tremendous amount of work while I exercise.  It keeps my mind off the boredom of exercise and blends the physicality of exercising my body with the mental stimulation of exercising my mind.  It’s fun and EASY.  This started in January but I didn’t realize what I was accomplishing until mid-February.

Learning interesting new things:  I started Spanish lessons in January, and they’re moving slowly–in my spare time between meetings–but I AM learning.  The others in my Spanish classes have either quit or set up a system to get them through the tests via open book so they can just finish the thing and check the box.  I’m sticking with it and though I sometimes feel I’m not learning much, I frequently see Spanish words or instructions that I now can interpret.

Interesting new friends:  I’ve had some surprising new friendships pop up in January and February.   Out of the blue.   They found me.  Their perspectives are very different from most around here, and I’m fascinated with these new connections. These include potential romantic relationships but that’s a different set of intentions to be discussed at another time.

More spiritual and social gatherings in my home:  While I know, as of January, that this will certainly be true over the summer, I found a new way to reincarnate my “gatherings” as soon as next month, quite by surprise.  It was one of those “duh, why didn’t I think of this before?” moments. But the path has been placed at my feet, just two days ago, and I’m looking forward to how this will unfold.

I think that the only thing more fun than setting intentions is watching them unfold!


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