Law of Attraction Experiment: The Scatter Effect of Attracting Back

Frankenstein's Monster Experiment II, stitches and coloring by DerrickT.

Frankenstein mask photo by DerrickT, used under a creative commons license

Whoa, wait a minute.  How did THAT happen?

If you’re trying to attract back a special someone, what if that special someone doesn’t exist in that form any longer?  What if they’ve changed into something that you don’t know the exact dimensions of?

Though I have worked with physicists and rocket scientists for 20 years, I’m not a scientist myself…but I do love to experiment when it comes to spiritual and metaphysical ideas.  I also document these (among other things) in my Third Degree Diary books and share my insights.

In a recent experiment, I focused on attracting back someone for a conversation.   That’s it–just a nice, joyful conversation after many years apart.  We had lost touch and I had no idea how to reach him, so he was a good candidate for the experiment.  No ethical dilemmas here–we’d parted on good terms and enjoyed each other’s company on a professional and personal basis, so the ethical ramifications of using the Law of Attraction were the same as the ethical ramifications of picking up the phone and calling him…if I’d had his number.

The result was that I did not attract back a direct conversation WITH him but I was definitely attracting back a lot of elements of the person I had known as well as sudden news about him.

The result was a Scatter Effect of that energy boom-er-ranging back at me to bring me my desires.

I’ll disguise this example so I don’t give away anyone’s secrets:

This article is included in its entirety in Attract Him Back.


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