Indigo Children, Unusual Sensitivities, & Living the Paranormal Life


Indigo #2, the Magical ChildGhosts in the lights?  Sensitive to WiFi waves?   Hearing voices?  ADHD?  Depression?  Autism?  Or just plain old prophetic living in the End Times?

Over the past four years, I’ve noticed how many of my daughters’ generation–kids born in the late 80’s/early 90’s–have been much more sensitive than my generation, in general.  They’re part of what’s known as the Scorpio Generation and are definitely what’s known as Indigo Children.  They walk into my house and feel the buzz of energy, they pick up my crystals and talk about the vibrations they feel, and sometimes they see and hear things they cannot explain.  They’re intuitive, clairvoyant, empathic, and…having a hard time dealing with the world at times.

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I’m one of the older Indigos.  Some who don’t know me and think Indigos must come from one particular time period might dispute that, but there are indeed a few of us born to earlier generations.  For example, I’m part of a group born in a narrow span of time with a stellium in Aquarius–though I’m a Pisces, I have a tremendous amount of Aquarius in my natal chart, and the Piscean qualities of empathy  and sensitivity just add to the mix, giving me virtually all of the recognized Indigo traits.  Others born within a few weeks of me include two friends I admire–Maggie Shayne and M. R. Sellars (Murv), except Maggie has even more Aquarius than I do.   I don’t know about my friends, but being an Indigo when I was a child and teen was extremely difficult and I had no one to talk with about the more unusual elements in my life, so I understand my daughters’ generation better than most adults.  I think many of their parents–my peers–have a hard time understanding their sensitivities, and I cringe to see so many of them trying to function daily on anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs and others resorting to alcohol to dull the overwhelming sensations.  This baby-on-board generation is the most watched-after generation in our country’s history, with anything from baby monitors to hear their coos from the next room to GPS bracelets and phones to keep track of their every movement at children and teens.

I’ve read recently of younger children with incredible sensitivitiesthat too many adults dismiss as the result of brattiness or parental failure to “apply the rod.”  Certain sounds drive the kids wild and certain fabrics irritate their skin to the point of hysteria.  It’s a stimulus that seems like a brush of ordinary life to most adults but to an oversensitive child, it’s a brush that rubs a raw nerve.  My daughter suggests some might be from caffeine and other stimulants we’ve added to our food supply over the past few decades.  I’ve heard some say that the growing occurence of autism in children is from too many vaccinations/toxins introduced into a child’s body in a short period of time, and others claim that it’s a curse on our human race such that the technological and environmental sins of the fathers are visited now on their children.  Others say that the strange connection with the paranormal and being able to feel such normally hidden vibrations is to balance the damage done to our race as it mutates.

With so many Indigos in my home this summer–residents, house guests, and visitors–I’ve been noticing their sensitivities that most adults dismiss and applying those observations to others who are empathic, intuitive, and even clairvoyant.  There does seem to be a connection between empathy, at least, and these sensitivities.  They’re not only sensitive to annoying stimuli but to energy patterns–which fascinates me.

A few days ago, I blogged about how I’m able to see the flickers in fluorescent lights that most people can’t and how my optometrist explained the physiology behind what I see. Some of my houseguests, as it turns out, are sensitive to light flickers as well and can discern the flickers in lights as well as computer screens.  I also semi-joked how this physiology might also explain how some people see ghosts, auras, and other energy patterns (which I know alot of Indigos who do see).

But what about people who hear things?  And what of those naysayers who are rolling their eyes about now, assuming they’re still reading?  Another example hit home with me last night when I read about school kids using high-frequency sound waves for ringtones because their teachers can’t hear it.  I downloaded the mp3 files from .  I listened to (or for!) some of the ringtones, heard the lower ranges, and then nothing.  I wondered if it was working or just a joke.

Hmmm.  You know how your parents yell at you to turn the music down because you’ll harm your hearing?  You know how you can stand in front of a 6-foot speaker in a night club and not hear yourself yell and the music’s so loud that the beat just crawls through your veins but who cares because you’re 21 and having a great time?  Yeah, well, our parents were right, dang it.  My ex began to lose his hearing a decade ago and used to yell at me for mumbling when he was frustrated.  My voice is soft and in that particular register than isn’t easily heard by those with even slightly diminished hearing. I’ve always had really great hearing, and if there’s a burglar alarm, a piece of whining electronic equipment,  or a TV with a cable box on anywhere nearby, I’ll find it.  Or did until recently.  I’ve noticed this year that I need for my elder daughter to speak up more, because her soft voice is way too similar to mine, and the TV isn’t quite loud enough sometimes when I watch a movie with the girls.  Normally, I just remind myself that gyrating to “You Shook Me All Night Long” in front of giant speakers at a frat party in college was a good memory to make.

But last night, just as I was about to give up on whether the mosquito ringtones worked or not, one of my houseguests peeked into the home office and asked if I heard that funny noise.  I didn’t.  I turned the volume to max and played it again–and brought the poor boy to his knees.  Same with one of my young visitors.  It was rather amusing to hit replay again and again and watch them cover their ears and beg while I heard nothing.  I was, however, “aware” of the sound.  Not at an audible level, but a tension on my nerves.  I tend to “feel” things–always have.

So.  Same question as with seeing flickers. What might the ability to hear certain sounds and not others mean for the paranormal life? 

For people who can’t see the energy cycling through a light bulb and don’t hear in the higher registers, what people with these sensitivities experience is not credible.  Many skeptics who can’t see the cycles or hear the high pitches firmly believe that there is no scienfic evidence  that these exist.  It’s not in their experience, and therefore not valid.  

Meanwhile, my houseguests who can hear the whine of a computer in the next room when the house is quiet know not to stay up too late and be noisy enough to keep me from sleeping on a night before I have to go to work.  Otherwise, I might just play a long soundtrack of sounds I can’t hear even at maximum volume while I’m dressing for work at 5 AM!


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