I’ve always been very, very careful about the students I’ve taken on in my spiritual practice.  I’m frequently asked to teach, and  usually


  1. I know it’s absolutely wrong
  2. it’s absolutely the wrong time but if the student makes a strong effort,  I’ll know if and when it’s the right thing to do, and
  3. I know without a doubt that I’m to facilitate this student’s sacred journey. 

I consider it more facilitation than teaching because the Gods will provide the appropriate learning experience–I’m just here to guide my student.

This Lammas was quite a special harvest to me in that it combined Lammas, the New Moon, a Solar Eclipse, and a Second Degree Elevation–4 years after my own Third Degree Elevation.  I took a long time in taking on my first student, and tonight was an amazing experience for me to participate in  and observe as he interacted with Deity.  A few months ago, I had not been sure if I–not HE–was ready for this.  I went into my Second Degree being told that it was to be hell on earth and I’d lose everything.  After some wise counsel about where and how I got those ideas, and from whom, I turned it around in my own mind.  I certainly didn’t want my student to attract disaster based on my own past experiences.  The Second Degree is not about prolonged torture.  It’s about responsibility, and that responsibility to clear out old issues and come into one’s own power.  It doesn’t have to be a period of excruciating darkness but can be a wonderful time of growth and joy.

Tonight, though, just being there for the first moments of a new High Priest’s giddy, glowy birth into the spiritual path was simply…an honor.


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