3 Nuggets of Truth: Secrets, Facades, and Doubt

Foucault's Pendulum by sylvar.

Photo by sylvar; creative commons license.

“Just watch what happens next,” my angels and spirit guides tell me.  “Just watch how this all unfolds.”

That whisper of intuition in my ear in the middle of the night is probably the only thing that keeps me from running  away, screaming, from the situation I’ve been observing powerlessly for months.   I’ve watched a loved one’s situation go from bad to worse to horrific.  You know when you think things can’t get any worse but they do?  Magnify that times 1000.  In short, it’s a bad, bad situation.

And yet, because of three nuggets of truth, I’m not as worried as you might expect if you’d heard about what just happened to someone I care for deeply.

  1. Things are rarely as they seem.

I have learned never to trust what I see, hear, or read as the final word on anything.  Reality, after all, is fluid and ever-changing.  Even if I point-blank ask the question I’m most concerned about, it’s possible to get a lie, even if the person doesn’t realize it’s a lie because they need to deceive themselves.  I’ve learned to read body language and listen to my intuition enough to know when something’s just not quite right, regardless of a person’s insistence of the facts.  I have many times in the past doubted my intuition because I didn’t have concrete evidence, then took eye-witness reports and personal testimony as evidence and later discovered that the real facts were hidden or misinterpreted—that my intuition had been right all along.  Especially when emotions are involved, there are always secrets and things a person will not admit….

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