The Diet That Works for Me

Photo (not me) by christinenielsen

I was struck by the idea of the body being not just a “temple” but—ritually— an “altar.”  Not many of us have temples in our homes but most of us spiritual-minded people do have altars, sometimes more than one.  What if we respected our bodies and held them as sacred as we do our altars? Life Coaching Tips

I promised a while ago that I would explain my I-feel-great diet.  It’s not really a diet so much as finding the right foods and processes that work for me. I was on this particular regimen for two months, went off of it because of some situations at the office that didn’t allow me to follow it, and now I’m back on it.  Within a day or two of going off this eating plan, I felt awful again, and within a day or two of re-initiating it, I felt good again, with lots of energy.  My weight has fluctuated, mainly because I’ve dropped fat pounds and replaced them with muscle pounds but rather than let the scales determine my good mood, I’m letting how I feel physically determine my good mood.

I know what works and doesn’t for my metabolism, and my doctor agreed that it was a good plan.  This isn’t dietary advice for anyone else and I’m not here to tell you what to do—it’s just a glimpse into something that works for me and you can decide for yourself if it’s something you want to investigate….

Thank you for reading!  The complete version of this article is now included in Give Your Life Direction.


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