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May 19-20 (depending on your time zone) marks the second Sun-Moon combination of Taurus and Scorpio in a month, and  I’m always surprised at how many new readers drop in to find a ritual or a good ritual tip for this Full Moon.  This one, being an even more intense Scorpio moon has the distinction of being a Blue Moon because we won’t have another Taurus-Scorpio combo for many years to come.

Like a good little witch, I’ve already looked at the astrological chart for the evening and selected the right timing for what I’m working to manifest.  I have a few old pains I’m trying to release so they don’t get carried forward into the new life I’m evolving into and that’s where I’ll be concentrating my efforts.  


But this isn’t just a one-time deal.  It’s not even a second chance kind of ritual in case I bombed the previous Taurus-Scorpio moon ritual in April.  It’s just one of a series of efforts to manifest my evolution.

This particular path I’m on started back at the Winter Solstice at 1 degree Capricorn when I laid out my intentions for the next year–what I wanted to say goodbye to and what I wanted to bring into my life.  Capricorn, being an earthy catalyst of manifestation, was the best starting point for me.  (For more, read were similar to New Year’s Resolutions and many of them had manifested within the first month–more than I would have imagined.  I guess you could call those “low-hanging fruit” because the first signs of manifestation were achieved quickly.   By the second  and third months, even more were starting to taking solid form.

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February included a couple of eclipses to shake things up and speed them along.  (For more, read and

The Spring Equinox was another big checkmark in the manifesting process.  It was a focus on seeds and looking into the future to how we wanted those seeds to manifest and smelling the blossoms before the stalk ever breaks ground.                (For more, read

The first Taurus-Scorpio Full Moon (April 20) was a time of letting go of old wounds and regenerating, all helping along those seeds of manifestation.  The New Moon in Taurus (and in a Taurus Sun) was a double dose of manifesting juice, with the planted seeds taking root and a shot of energy to make them grow. (For more, read

Tonight, after the members of my new spiritual circle had left, I was reminded again of how much of the life I’m building has manifested in the past month.  There have been several old hurts that I let go of at the New Moon, ones that just faded instantly after holding onto them for so terribly long.  I was surprised at how easily they lifted.  Shocked is more like it.  There were also some ideas and possibilities that came into my life in this moon-month that were absolutely brilliant and–if I act on them, and I am–they will boost my plans ten-fold.  So in this moon-month alone, I’ve seen exotic seeds planted, old thorns released, and some lovely new flowers taking hold in my garden.  

You’ll have to forgive the plant analogy, but one of my new circle members brought me ginger from her garden to transplant into mine and a huge bouquet of herbs from her garden, now on my kitchen counter.  This may not seem  like a big deal, but it represents three intentions set into motion at Winter Solstice:  new and interesting friends, regular social gatherings in my home, and a new spiritual circle to lead/teach/coordinate including, possibly, new initiates.

So what of this next Taurus-Scorpio intense combination we have before us?  The energy is much the same as a month ago, when new seeds were planted in that first degree of Taurus and Scorpio, except that now in the final degree of Taurus and Scorpio, it will be time to release those energies into the winds, letting go of more of what old pains have held us back and seeing our gardens start to take form before our souls’ eyes.  If this Blue Moon is going to be that much more intense than the last one, well…wow.  Just wow.  I can’t wait to see what the next month is going to bring into my life!

Whatever’s coming up will happen only once in a Scorpio Blue Moon.

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