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Some people make big changes in their lives.  They never say a word about what they’re doing…they just quietly redefine themselves.  Others talk all the time about how much they want to change and what they’re doing to make it happen…and never take the second step toward improving their lives.

I hear from many people who use my healing journals and blog as a roadmap for looking at their own issues and moving forward.  These are people who are intent on improving their lives in some way, either through small transformations or major reformations.  I find that these people examine their shadows and stay fairly upbeat. That’s the difference–their attitude and determination to take action, even small ones.

Those who’ve read my journals and blogs over the past 3+ years know where I was emotionally after my divorce and how hard I’ve worked through my self-therapy to get to where I am now.  Sometimes I’ll get caught in a sweet moment–nothing dramatic, just tiny and simple pleasures–and I’ll be surprised at how much I’m enjoying life these days.  I’m overall happier and FREER than I’ve ever been in my life, regardless of my responsibilities, but I’ve worked very hard to throw off all the chains, both ones I was shackled with from childhood to–even heavier–the ones I put on myself.

Shannon said something to me last week that made me consider how many people  do seek help for their afflictions–and become addicted to the process of getting help and never actually accept the help and acton it.  She was …

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