Chakras: The Root Connection Between Survival and Spirituality

Photo by  Robbi Baba

I’m quite sure most people think I look at things quite differently.  I think they’re right.   I hung up the phone tonight after a fascinating one-hour phone conversation of “romantical nature” and thought, Wow, his root chakra’s REALLY active!

For the second time in a row, my weekend plans with Maverick have fallen through, due to emergencies at his Commando Boy job, and this means I won’t get the long-planned-for time alone with him until his deployment’s over–sometime next year.  I’m a little worried he’ll get himself blown up, yes.  He’ll be in Afghanistan, worshipping me from half-a-world-away and probably dreaming up more fantasies of a matriarchal utopia where men under 25 are forced to appear in public sans clothes for the ogling pleasure of older women and how I should choose a whole harem of men if I want.  (Hmmmm…if you insist.)

Like I said, his root chakra is very active right now.  Not that I’m doing anything at all to alleviate the situation.  Maybe NEXT spring. (Talk about denial!)

I like him because–other than the fact that he’s very sexy, ten years younger, and full of poetic delights–he has a tendancy to examine deep psychological questions about sexuality and society and makes me look at the why of many things I take for granted in my personality.  Not many men have that to offer.  I doubt he realizes how affecting his conversations are.  We’ve yet to discuss chakras, but one day we will.

One of his stories that I found interesting was how tense the strumming of adrenaline after returning from patrol.  It’s a daily life or death situation.  Survival.  Very much the root chakra in full force.  But there’s also a tense  strumming of sexuality after that kind of day, just as powerful in the root chakra.   The connection between the two is fierce, powerful, a heightened sense of both survival and sexuality that goes to the most primal needs.

It’s a small thing to be able to make this connectionin this way, yet it is one more way in which Maverick has been a gift to me, regardless of where our relationship goes from here.


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