Bible Belt Publisher Donates to Pagan Prison Ministry

***Lorna Tedder and her crew at Spilled Candy Enterprises load donations for a pagan prison ministry. Below, Tedder and Rev. Edward Livingston whose Fire Dance Church of Wicca runs the prison ministry.***

NICEVILLE, Florida (April 03, 2008) – Spilled Candy Books, a small publisher for the “spiritually eclectic,” has donated over $8000 in books to the Fire Dance Church of Wicca’s Pagan Prison Ministry.

“I wasn’t even aware of the need for a pagan prison ministry,” said Lorna Tedder of Spilled Candy, “until author Gail Wood asked us to publish THE WILD GOD.  She’d written this wonderful guide, sharing chapter by chapter with pagan inmates to teach them about the Sacred Masculine and the many aspects of God.  Christian ministries are common, especially here in the Bible Belt, but there’s little material available for the spiritual non-Christian in prison. Gail was fulfilling that need in her own way, and I’m following her example.”

Tedder insisted something good must come from a personal and business “rough spot” last fall.  When Spilled Candy put some of its books out of print in August 2007, a common event in the publishing world, rumors spread on MySpace and throughout the pagan community that the tiny publisher must be going bankrupt.  According to Tedder, bookstores and New Age shops returned stock for credit, coming close—but not quite—to ensuring the prophecy of financial failure.

Rev. Edward Livingston is High Priest of the Fire Dance Church of Wicca, which serves the Pensacola, Florida, area.  The prison ministry is one of the church’s special projects.


Spilled Candy Enterprises, LLC, is a small, family-run business that continues to publish books about Wicca, shamanism, New Age Christianity, Spiritualism, Spirituality, and the Law of Attraction.  Their website,, features free online reads, articles, and a blog for “the spiritual electic.”

To send charitable contributions to the Pagan Prison Ministry or for more information, contact Rev. Edward Livingston at  The church is a Florida 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation.


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