Do Distraught Pagan Spirits Roam the Earth?

Photo by Aislinn Bailey

How often does a conversation make you do a real double-take?  You know, one of those “I’ve never thought of that before” moments?

I’ve always enjoyed talking to Edward, as in Rev Edward Livingston of the Fire Dance Church of Wicca, and I had the opportunity to pay him a short visit today and see his Gardnerian/Isis temple room, which just a-buzz with energy.

We chatted about all sorts of things, including how many of our Northern brethren don’t necessarily understand the influence of the Bible Belt here in North Florida and that we’re not kidding about there being a church on every corner.  But we also talked about the spirits we’ve encountered. That’s where our conversation took a turn for the interesting and caused me to pose a few questions in my head.

Yes, I’ve encountered Christian spirits,  our dead who have passed over–and some who’ve hung around as guides who felt more needed here with us.  I’ve encountered a few Native American spirits as well.  But pagan spirits?  No.  None.                Maybe a few who’ve been here shortly as guardians or teachers, but none who hung around for decades, let alone hundreds of years.

Do Christians, knowing they’ve done guilty, sinful things, create in their minds such a fear of hell or moving into the afterlife–or next life–that they make themselves earthbound whereas pagans can move forward more easily without the same sense of dread that their sins will catch up with them on the way to heaven?  It’s an interesting question, and one I’ve never heard raised before.

What’s your experience?  Have you encountered distraught pagan souls roaming the earth?


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