Understanding Cazimi in Astrology

Cazimi, meaning “in the heart of the Sun,” signifies a powerful astrological position where a planet within 17 minutes of arc of the Sun is believed to be greatly enhanced by solar energy..


Cazimi, a term derived from Arabic, translates to “in the heart of the Sun.” In astrology, Cazimi refers to the precise moment when a planet is within 17 minutes of arc of the Sun. This extremely close conjunction is considered a powerful position, as the planet is believed to be bathed in the Sun’s energy and influence.

Importance in Astrology

1. Enhanced Influence:  Cazimi is believed to amplify the planet’s inherent qualities and energies, making it particularly potent and influential. The planet is seen as being “in the throne room” of the Sun, receiving a boost of solar power.

2. Positive Expression: The planet in Cazimi is generally considered to express its positive traits more prominently. It is seen as being protected and blessed by the Sun, leading to a more harmonious and auspicious expression of its energies.

3. Benefic Influence:  While not every planet in Cazimi will be inherently benefic, the Sun’s influence is generally considered to be positive. This can have a softening effect on planets that are traditionally considered malefic, such as Mars or Saturn.

How to Identify the Cazimi

1. Natal Chart:  Examine the natal chart for any planets that are within 17 minutes of arc of the Sun. 

2. Astrological Software:  Astrological software programs can easily identify Cazimi placements in a natal chart.

3. Manual Calculation:  If you are familiar with astrological calculations, you can determine the Cazimi by calculating the precise angular distance between the Sun and the planet in question.

Examples of Use

– Natal Chart Interpretation:  The presence of a planet in Cazimi can provide valuable insights into an individual’s personality, strengths, and potential. For example, a Mercury in Cazimi might suggest a sharp mind, excellent communication skills, and a strong sense of self-expression.

– Transit and Progression Analysis:  Cazimi can also be considered when analyzing transits and progressions. A planet transiting over a natal Cazimi can indicate a period of enhanced influence and potential for growth in the areas governed by that planet.


Cazimi is a fascinating and powerful concept in astrology, highlighting the potent influence of the Sun on a planet’s expression. Understanding this rare and auspicious placement can provide astrologers with valuable insights into the individual’s strengths, potential, and areas of influence. By recognizing the unique energy of Cazimi, astrologers can gain a deeper understanding of the individual’s astrological landscape and the potential for growth and development.

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