Applied Astrology: Leo Moons and Narcissistic Behaviors

Leo Moons

As a blogger on the subjects of astrology and empaths, I find that the question I’m asked more than any other is about zodiac signs and narcissists, which I believe to be the polar opposite of an empath and certainly the bane of many empaths I know, including myself. The most consistent and amusing question I receive on these topics– “Are all Leos narcissists?”— is one I’ve already written about.

Readers who see only the question and never bother to read my complete answer, particularly the last line, write me scathing emails, accusing me of all sorts of things and always defending themselves that, to every last one, they know better.  Why?  Because they are Leos themselves. As a Pisces Sun and Pisces Ascendant, I can understand their frustration with the question.

(I eagerly await the comment section to see who reads only the first sentence or two or the title.)

Recently, when a Sun sign Leo asked me to look more deeply at my database of astro charts, I had already addressed the question of narcissists and astrological charts in an article that covered the Venus-Pluto conjunction in the charts of several people whom I know to have been diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder. Instead, I decided to approach the question differently.

I made a long list of everyone in my life whom I have known to been diagnosed with NPD or to exhibit narcissistic tendencies. Some of these have been close friends and associates, even family, so I knew them quite well, including all of their flaws as well as their wonderful traits. A composite of the kind of person I included in my narcissistic tendencies list would be an attractive woman—though there are certainly many men on this list–who is charismatic, somewhat the social butterfly, lots of friends, and even more superficial relationships. Lots of male attention and puts appearances above ethics. She may have a history of stealing her best friend’s boyfriends and justifying it as “he must not have been that into you,” then discarding the new guy when her attention wanders to the next shiny thing that someone else has. She considers herself a people person and likes to be liked by colleagues, all the while taking credit for the work of others and blaming any failings on her boss, her peers, or her underlings. She will ditch any relationship that does not make her feel that her intellect or her beauty is worshipped. If she hurts someone, it may or may not have been intentional, but, if the person who’s been hurt appeals to her sense of compassion, she will close like a steel trap, often doling out more hurt instead of compassion. If she is called out on her behavior, she will either say she has no idea what you’re talking about or she will justify it that someone once hurt her and make it all about her previous hurts while wounding someone completely unrelated to her history.

This is a composite of people I both consider to have and already know to have narcissistic tendencies, some of which have been diagnosed. This composite could equally be a man, or  someone in their early 20s, or  someone in their 80s.

As my friends all know, I have a bizarre talent for remembering calendar dates. For most of the people on my narcissistic tendencies list, I can remember their birthdays and was able to cast their charts rather quickly.  Without having their birthplaces or birth times, this practice isn’t 100% accurate, but close enough for my purposes.

I wasn’t able to look at ascendants or astrological houses without the birth time and place. I also ignored any moons that were on the cusp or near the cusp of another house, as birth time and place would affect that as well. In about 75% of these charts, one particular feature stood out, and that was that their moon was in the sign of Leo.  I did not count the ones with the moon on the cusp of Leo, as I could not show that this was accurate.

Next, I sifted through my database of astrological charts, which I’ve kept for over 15 years. I removed any duplicates from my narcissistic tendencies list and ran a report of everyone with natal moon in Leo. This time, I found several friends and colleagues whose natal moon is in Leo, but whom I would never think of as narcissist, or even have narcissistic tendencies.

Some of these people I know very well, and they tend to be a bit more flamboyant, center stage, or popular than most of my other friends or colleagues. If there’s anything about them that I find annoying, it’s that I have, on occasion, lost touch with them, am unable to reach them for months or even years at a time. They’ve shown back up in my life when I had a particular skill, or network, that they needed to advance themselves. However, for the most part, they have been a delight in my life.

Now that I’ve made everyone with a Leo moon mad at me, let’s look at it this way. In looking at astrological configurations of diagnosed narcissists and people who, at least in my opinion, have narcissistic tendencies, the two configurations I have seen the most of are a Venus/Pluto conjunction, as well as other strong Venus/Pluto contacts, and a Leo moon. Not that everyone with those configurations, or with a Leo moon, is a narcissist–just that, I saw this more often in my own data.


And there is one other thing I’ve noticed about people who have Leo moons, whether they’re close, delightful friends or narcissistic people that I cannot stand the presence of. They tend to play games with people–mind games and emotional games in particular.

I’m sure there are other signs and other configurations that share that feature, but in summarizing my findings and in a quick recall of all the charts on my list and the people they were cast for, the game-playing feature suddenly stands out to me.

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Key Takeaway: People with Leo moons are not necessarily narcissistic but lean towards being manipulative, emotionally or intellectually,  for their own gain.


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