My Name Is Consequences

It always surprises me what I running into when I'm out for a walk.
It always surprises me what I see when I’m out for a walk.

My name is Consequences.

That’s my secret name. Known only to you.  You gave it to me.

But not at first.

At first, you called me by the name Curiosity.

You called me Fun.

You called me Adventure and later Happiness, and often Love.

You called me Deep.

You called me Soul Mate.

You called me Positive.

You called me Change for the Better.

You called me The Most Important Person in My Life.

You called me Savior.

You called me Difference.

You called me Lost Without You.

You called me Compassion.

You called me Resolute.

You called me Loyal.

You called me More Than I Deserve.

You called me Naïve.

You called me Gullible.

Now you call me Crazy.

You call me Disillusioned.

You call me Highly Mistaken.

You call me Misconstrued.

You call me Horrible.

You call me Bitch because I’m not willing to stay in an unbalanced relationship and I’m not willing to be Silent.

And I’m not willing to let you feel good about yourself while you continue to hurt me.

But I know you, and I know all your secret names, too.

Best Friend, Soul Mate, Lover, Roller Coaster.  


And I know that when you’re alone and slumped into your pit of despair–that I so often shared with you and pulled you out of with my fingertips and heart and spine –that you know in your heart of hearts what you may never admit to another soul.

That my name is Consequences, but only because you once chose to call me–

Only because you chose to call me.

Key Takeaway: Everything we do has consequences.


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