Becoming Ungrounded

When I am “living in” my sixth and seventh chakras, I have to balance that focus with my lower chakras, otherwise, I  become ungrounded.  For specific work that is highly spiritual, creative , or both, the mundane is more important than ever.

“Ungrounded,” for me, means I become wide-open to unseen stimuli, extremely powerfully psychic, and empathic to the point where I lose interest in the everyday physical world and see too much of the future as well as other people’s emotions. It doesn’t mean that I go crazy–just that I’m overstimulated and over-sensitive.

If I’m heavily focused on writing a novel, I find that the best way to stay balanced is to write the story on my smart phone’s recorder app while I walk for 8-10 miles.  The more esoteric or creative the work, the more I need to ground by actively engaging my first and second chakras.

I’ve let myself become ungrounded twice in the last 10 years.   The first time was the summer of 2005, when I was amping up my spiritual practice and  became very psychic, to the point where I wanted to do nothing but look for insights and revelations  The epiphanies were startling, but I lost my balance after about 6 weeks of intense work.

“Go do laundry!” my spiritual elders warned.   “Go grocery shopping!  Do anything mundane.  Physical.   Daily boring life stuff.”  That was the quickest way to decompress from the overactive sixth and seventh chakras, and it worked.

Last week, I did it again.  It had been building for a month.  I really lost my balance amid all the excitement of new discoveries, and I was surprised that I did because I’m so much farther along on my path than in 2005.  I’m no neophyte.  But my work schedule had reduced my usual exercise regimen so my lower chakras were holding me to the Earth as easily.

Similar to the work I was  doing in 2005, I was in the process of taking a big step up in my spiritual practice.   Not a full-blown ascension but let’s say, a couple of steps of the ascending ladder.  But it was too much to do without taking a breather.   After a month of intense esoteric work with phenomenal outcomes, I had become so psychic that I could see far more than I needed to –or the people I was telling the future to needed to know.  I was so empathically sensitive that a single thought about someone would tie me to their emotions or leave me finishing the sentences of colleagues whenever offering brand new info I shouldn’t have known.   My psychic and empathic skills went through the roof.   One friend  described a personal experience that I could see moment for moment unfolding over his head, including things he probably didn’t want to reveal.  I told him immediately–and freaked him out.

It was just too much.

After a week of these jittery,  spiritual gifts and–that were tremendous fun and enlightening, I  had to take a long step backward and put a little space in between.  That doesn’t mean I won’t continue my spiritual work in this new direction I’m taking.  No.  Instead, I need to take better care of myself and pace myself.  Stop being so eager! Stop attaching too quickly to my fellow collaborators.  Or ground far more deeply than ever before.


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