Reclaiming My Self-Expression: I’ve Got Plans!

I’ve got plans, big plans.  For the last two years and more, I’ve let my attention to people in my life who needed my full devotion to get them through a rough time take precedence over my self-expression, particularly my self-expression here.   I’ve not been attentive to this website or my esoteric work–just not enough hours in the day.

It’s time to change that, to reclaim all my Fifth House elements of expression and continue my life’s mission of sharing these experiences.

I’m on the road tonight, but in my head, I’m setting a plan in motion for upscaling this website and my work.   Some of the things on the agenda:

– Update the entire website, including the 1000’s of articles hidden here by grouping like subjects and making them easier to find and navigate.

– Update all my ebooks, including covers, and republish them.  Publish some related works as boxed sets.

– Add a private “vault” where my fans can read free material, including chapters, articles, some complete non-fiction guides, and one of my larger novels as it’s edited.

– Reinstituting my mailing list.   I had around 5000 faithful subscribers when I let some website “pro” talk me into abandoning it as email being something no one paid attention to any more and recommending I quit it in favor of various social media networks.  Those social media now own my fans and followers, not me, and some force me to pay to talk to more than 2% of them.  If I’d stayed with my gut instinct, I’d have probably 25,000 subscribers now.  So that’s my goal–25,000 subscribers by this time next year.

– Add some of my material  as videos via YouTube.  This isn’t to be a predominant avenue for sharing my work, but will add a slightly different audience.

– Launch a weekly podcast focused on empathy and energetic connections, with a regular special guest or two.   This is a biggie for me, and one I’m really excited about.  I know that blog readers and podcast listeners are a very different audience, so I’m looking forward to adding to my fan base.

– Increase my number of articles per week, to include regular “Ask an Empath” Q&A.

– Repackage old articles and material currently not being shared by focusing on one new short book per month.

I’m tempted to keep listing all my plans and great ideas, but I’ll stop there.   Somehow, I think this will keep me busy for a while.

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