April 2014 Lunar Eclipse Guided Meditation for the Grand Cardinal Cross

Guided Meditation Lunar Eclipse
Click on the graphic to listen to the guided meditation.

Wow, I’d had such great plans to get this guided lunar eclipse meditation out to you days ago, but the upcoming Grand Cardinal Cross got the best of me, I suppose.  Between weather and equipment issues, I ended up recording the whole thing on my smart phone and getting it out there to you rather than wait another minute on perfection.  (I’m listening to it as I type this, the part about the bolt of blue lightning, and there’s blue lightning striking outside my window!)

The main purpose of this meditation is to help my readers get through the 15 April 2014 lunar eclipse.  For months now, astrologers have been concerned about this particular configuration.   Almost everyone is feeling pinned down.  Can’t you feel the agitation in the air everywhere you go?   This meditation is a way to help you transmute those energies and rise above them.

This meditation is also excellent for any eclipse or any Cardinal Cross in your astrology chart.  Another use is anytime you are feeling “pinned down” and need to break free.   One last use is to help you regain a sense of wholeness in your relationship with yourself so that you can attract better romantic partners to have a sense of wholeness in your relationship with them.   I speak of these purposes in particular in the prelude to the meditation.

Another item of note in this meditation is that I’ve used the Sabian Symbol for this eclipse at 25 Libra 16– an eagle and a dove–and my interpretation of that symbol as part of the meditation.

If you find the meditation helpful, please share it and drop me a line.  I’m considering recording free meditations on a regular basis as a supplement to my blog posts.

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