Reducing your Toxic Load – Weekly Tips for Better Health

Toxic Load

This year, for 2014, I’m making a promise to myself.   I’m going to reduce the toxic load on my body and try to boost my immune system in ways I’ve never tried before so that I can be my best possible self, physically, regardless of my age or medical issues.

You see, I’ve been living the healthy lifestyle for years now, but there are still some areas where I think I can see plenty of improvement…I just haven’t broken the code on them yet.   Maybe that’s because no matter how healthy I eat or how much I exercise, I’m still deluging my body daily with toxins and chemicals.  In 2014, it’s hard not to.  So hard that I will have to make a very big, very special effort not to ingest toxins, not to rub them on my skin or gums, not to drink them, not to bathe in them.

Toxic load absorbed through your skin

Toxins and chemicals are part of our daily lives.   Remember those stories about Medieval queens whose cosmetics actually ate away their skin?  We’re not much different, centuries later.  I can sort through any of my expensive anti-aging creams and gels, and they’re loaded with chemicals that can–and have–disrupted my hormones.  Recently, I learned that the cysts that routinely develop on my face are a byproduct of a particular well-known makeup I’ve been using for the last decade and more.   I thought it was something I just had to live with–I had no idea I was doing this to myself.  We usually don’t think about the chemicals we put ON our bodies, but if you stop to consider the cosmetics, cleansers, face masks, scrubs, hair removal creams, shaving lotions, deodorant, perfumes, toner, body wash, mouth wash, etc that’s part of our regular skincare/hygiene practice, you’ll be alarmed at how much you bathe yourself in unpronounceable chemicals.

Toxic load absorbed through food and drink

The other way we consume toxins and chemicals is through our food and drink.   Even if you think you’re eating “clean,” you’ll be surprised at what’s been added to or sprayed on your food, whether described on the labels or not.  Corn and soy are both routinely used as filler now–a big problem if you have GMO corn sensitivity issues or estrogen dominance, respectively.  You can do plenty of detoxes and figure out which foods you’re sensitive to–and make adjustments to your diet–but the foods that you keep in your diet can still be contaminated with chemicals.

All this–and more–adds to your toxic load on the body and makes the body’s immune system less effective.   Now, I’m not a physician or nutritionist or fitness trainer or anything of that sort, so there’s no need to challenge my medical expertise.   That’s not what I’m here for.   I’m here to share what I’m doing personally and how it works for me.  This is what’s known as anecdotal evidence, not clinical trials!  But if I can increase your awareness or give you some ideas that you can incorporate into your lifestyle that will boost your immunity, great, huh?

Watch for my weekly posts on tips to decrease your toxic load and boost your immune system, starting next week.


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