Heart Consciousness and Emotional Programming

The hurting heart

In Lorna Tedder’s absence, today’s Guest Blogger is Marc Rice.

The following is an excerpt from the eBook Mental Alchemy & The Emotional Network by Marc Rice which is available for purchase athttp://www.runehealing.org/mentalalchemy.htm

Every light center within the body can be thought of as having its own consciousness. Think of this as every part of the body having its own unique way of expressing itself. We are multi-dimensional beings that experience many things all at once and the information from those experiences filters through these specific areas. One singular event can evoke many different reactions within us, physically and emotionally. From here we can see how truth can become relative, leaving us with the task of balancing. Sometimes the only thing necessary to accomplish this is a simple shift in perception; other times our responses to a given event may take more effort to balance and control.

Our chakras are very much akin to muscles in that they are capable of accumulating and retaining memory. This process is most obvious when we examine the consciousness of the heart and how it learns to project our emotional state. When you create or recall a feeling in your heart and amplify that vibration with sufficient emotion, that feeling will manifest itself externally, sometimes much faster than simple thought.

When we experience a painful event, such as loss, rejection, or neglect, the vortex of energy surrounding the heart (and other parts of the emotional network) stores that information within very much like a computer hard drive. Holding on to that memory (allowing your thoughts to linger upon the pain of such an event) will pave the way for you to experience more of the same. This is part of what we call cycling. Our mental and emotional state become so accustomed to a particular experience that the consciousness of the heart seems to make a concerted effort to repeat it.

Whenever we hold onto a feeling within our hearts for extended periods of time the subconscious mind begins to take the stance that the event we are lingering on is still taking place at this moment. The network of emotions throughout the mind and body are always working together, though most of the time we are unaware of it. The emotions we store within the body always have a direct link to the mind and because the support for the other is so intrinsically present, it will work in a seemingly “automatic” way to perpetuate our emotions. Every second of every minute, of every hour, of every day, we are unwittingly creating the whole of what we experience.

In the case of failed relationships, romantic and platonic, the loss often creates a sort of obsession, especially when you are not the one who initiated the parting. The absence of a loved one (referring to a loved one who is still physically alive) can create a deep longing within our heart chakra fueled by feelings of regret and occasional anger. This type of obsession is very powerful and with the direct link to the subconscious mind always intact, we once again create more of the same; not an end to the longing, but more longing itself. From this view point a lingering thought on emotional loss can turn on itself and become a self-depreciating obsession that can consume us and infect all we create.

Although the aforementioned emotional states are quite common, it may ease your mind to know that the consciousness/memory of the heart chakra (and any other chakra) can be reprogrammed. Energy can’t be destroyed but it can absolutely be transmuted into a completely different state altogether. We will call this “intentional emotional programming.”

Marc Rice

Marc Rice is an Armanen Rune Master & Hermeticist with more than 25 years of experience (1987). His work can be found at runehealing.org


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