The Vinegar and Listerine Foot Recipe Is Good for …What???? There????

vinegar listerine foot recipe

Remember the post two weeks ago on the vinegar and listerine foot soak recipeto soften your feet and help reduce dead skin?  Here’s the graphic from the recipe page with more instructions.

Well, the most amusing thing has happened.  Who would’ve guessed that the recipe might be good for washing your…um….yeah.

In the last two weeks, my original blog post on whether the vinegar and listerine foot recipe works has become one of my most popular posts of the month–and you know how I love to experiment with health and diet  suggestions here.

Soaking something else?

What I didn’t expect was how many people would report back their experiences to me onFacebook, mostly through private messages, and exactly what they were using the foot soak for.

It seems that some women like the breezy, fresh, tingly feeling of Listerine on their bare tootsies so much that they are pouring the foot soak ingredients into a bathtub and lowering their entire lower bodies into the…ah…freshness.

Apparently, Listerine has been used as a home remedy for vaginal odor as has apple cider vinegar (ACV is not the same as white distilled vinegar!).  Some women like a vinegar/baking soda/water douche.  Those are intentional uses of common ingredients.

But the unintentional uses?

Several woman have told me that they accidentally discovered the…ah…minty freshness of Listerine on their privates and just thought it was …um…pleasant and added that extra special freshness for that extra special lover.   Well, all righty, then!

I’m not a doctor, so I can’t say that vinegar and Listerine are good for more delicate parts than the skin between your toes but who knows?  Maybe a little Listerine splash is not a bad idea.

Hint:  Maybe men should try it, too?

Only…I suggest you stay away from the “blue” Listerine.   It’s bad enough when soakers accidentally dye their feet a lovely shade of indigo….


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