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Manifesting Money in the Bank: $100,000 … Sort of

Manifesting money in the bank is not as hard as you think, but sometimes the Law of Attraction does like to tease.

My goals for the year

It’s no secret that I started this year with two big financial goals:

  • Increase my savings/investments/retirement accounts by $100,000 total; and
  • Decrease my house debt to less than $100,000.

Doing either of these would be a somewhat hefty goal, but both are really tough, especially on a pay cut. I have, however, made significant headway in manifesting money–thanks to good ebook sales, a strong stock market, and an intense focus on paying down that one last debt that hangs over my head like the Sword of Damocles.

Visualizing the ATM receipt

Visualize your bank statement or ATM receipt, I was told. Write yourself a check from the Universe for $100,000. Sure, these are old Law of Attraction tricks for manifesting money. The last time I wrote myself a “Universe check,” it was for $25,000–and that sum did come to me through some unusual means and helped to pay kids’ college bills and some big-dollar home repairs.

Visualize by putting yourself in a future moment where you look back and remember the success that came to you shortly after now, I was reminded. Good advice for manifesting money, relationships, career, and pretty much anything you might desire.

I laughed and thought about what a receipt from the ATM might look like, showing $100,000.

And…the Universe delivers!

Over the Fourth of July weekend, I made a quick run to the post office to ship some old electronics I’d sold on eBay (applied immediately to the house debt). Since I’ve switched to paying more things in cash, I went through the ATM drive-through to make sure I had enough to cover postage. I had to wait in line behind a couple of cars, which gave me time to think about how much money I had in the bank and my monthly budget.

When I pulled up to the ATM, the previous person’s receipt was hanging out of the slot, so rather than let it become litter, I tore it off and tossed it onto the seat beside me. Then I completed my own transaction.

At my next stop, I cleaned up the trash in my front seat and then my jaw dropped when I saw the receipt of the customer ahead of me. Almost $100,000 in their bank account! Just a few thousand short.

So much for manifesting money, I told myself. Clearly the Universe is teasing me.

No, that wasn’t teasing. This was:

I took a look at my own receipt and noticed that my total plus their total equaled $100,000, almost to the penny. So much for manifesting money in $100,000 increments.

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