Finding Money

Finding Money: On a Roll with the Law of Attraction

Learn how adopting a “finding money” mindset can help you become debt-free and transform your financial and spiritual life. 

This post on finding money is post #2 in my series on financial freedom and spirituality.

Before I walk you through all the steps I’m taking and have taken to become free of my debt both financially and spiritually, I want to share with you something bizarre that happened in the month after I decided to attack my debts and how I strangely began finding money I didn’t realize I had.

In Context of the Law of Attraction

If there’s ever a case for being on a roll with the Law of Attraction, this is it. I call it “finding money” or my “found money.” I’ve never had anything like this happen before but I’m still on a roll, with the latest being another 2k in an account I’d thought was cashed in years ago–only to find that all correspondence had been going to someone else’s address who was no longer in the family. Weird…out of the blue…but I’m grateful.

Anyway, something happened back in the first week of December that made me think, Whoa! I’ve got to make sure my finances are in order NOW or I’ll never be able to retire. Not that I’m anxious to retire right now because I’m really, really loving my job about 98% of the time. But something broke loose that made me really know I needed to TAKE ACTION NOW to prepare for the best future so I’m not sitting in the dark, eating Alpo. Yes, this was before talks of Federal employee (I’m one) furloughs became more and more likely in the face of fiscal cliffs, sequestration, and a year-long Continuing Resolution…and the likelihood of taking a 20% pay cut in Spring. More than ever before, my intuition was kicking hard to pay off everything possible, even while being on an already tight budget.

A Spiritual Heaviness

It’s pained me for years now that I lost everything in an old account (life savings at the time) and started from almost scratch around 2009. Between this account and taking on a debt I hadn’t planned–when I thought I’d never in my life be in debt again, I had resigned myself to never getting out from under it and never being able to retire, just as I’d resigned myself to never having anyone better in my life. I can’t go into details of either situation, but because of what happened with it long ago, I have a tremendous amount of bitterness and anger related to this account and what losing it meant, not to mention overwhelmingly negative feelings toward the other person involved. It’s caused trust issues for me in subsequent relationships. Big ones. I wasn’t even aware until recently that this negativity has been pulling me down so. Just a lot of old anger bubbling up with it, and I know you can hear it in my words.

So this debt has a dark spiritual heaviness to it, and I just decided very suddenly that I want to be rid of it. Debt and heaviness. That meant paying off the car (14.4k remaining) and paying off the house (123k remaining). Yes, I’m going to give specifics so you get to play along and watch me obliterate the debt. On 1 January, I paid off the car 3 years early, and I immediately started on paying off the house with my old car payment allotment going directly to the house.

The Cheerful Mindset of Finding Money

To pay off the debts, I decided that I needed to “find some money.” I mean, who doesn’t, right? Especially when you’re already on a budget, trying to save some for retirement, and still have one child in college and another just off the ledger. But I got into the mindset of how cool it would be to “find some money.”

Not, Oh, poor me. I need some money. But Wouldn’t it be cool to find some money unexpectedly and pay off the car?

Between 4 December and 20 December, I “found” dabs of money everywhere. It started with my thinking I should haul that big jar of coins I’ve been feeding and dump it into the Coinstar machine…I had enough change in it to buy myself groceries for a whole month and put the grocery money directly on debt. Then there was selling off a DVD collection that no longer interests me. Then selling the doctor-prescribed recumbent bike and leg machine I no longer need on Craigslist. I was cleaning out an old jewelry box and found worthless coins (except for their silver content). While cleaning out a closet, I found 2 big honking necklaces from the 1980s that I don’t think I’ve worn since the 1980s…gold, if I remember correctly what I paid for them. Those last two finds, I’m working with a dealer on. Then I’ve also decided to sell my wedding/engagement rings that my daughters don’t want. All this…just breathtakingly good. Things I hadn’t been ready to give away or sell were suddenly things I could repurpose as ways to pay off debt. In the process, the ones that had darker memories and energies attached to them could go as well, and lighten me up both energetically and debt-wise.

The giddier I became at finding money, the more came to me. Finding money and getting rid of heavy emotional stuff from the past. It’s like…where will money turn up next? What will I lighten up on next?

The Best Part

Here’s the best part that had me squalling at work. Through a long series of bizarre mishaps in the course of a few days, I discovered that my vanished life savings…hadn’t vanished after all. They weren’t at the value they could have been, but for the most part, they were 85% intact. Again, I cannot give details but the disappearance and reappearance involved someone I had once trusted lying to me, a financial representative divulging information she thought I knew and then clamming up, correspondence going to another address for years and years, a mis-directed phone call about a different account I hadn’t known existed, and a security specialist working with me to make some fast updates.

Late in the afternoon, while we were finishing up a major coup at the office, I got my call-back from the security manager with news about the account, that I still owned it even though I might want to change that beneficiary right away, and how much was in it. The company had tried to contact me numerous times, but all correspondence had been going to an address that isn’t mine. The security manager sent me the info I needed and I kept shoo-ing everyone away long enough for me to read the message online. I had 5 co-workers in suits standing in my doorway wondering what was going on while I read the screen and just sobbed and did my best to hide it.

Feeling Lighter

I’m floored by these old accounts popping up, three in three days that weren’t being mailed to me and I’d been told were zeroed out. So I’m sticking with this mindset of “finding money” and letting all that old stuff that’s been in the shadows for years come to light.

So far, this experience has been deeply spiritual, irritating, cathartic…um, prosperous? I’m going to keep this mindset of “where else will I find money” and see how much of the debt I can get paid off in the next 6 months.

What would happen if YOU changed your mindset from worrying about where the money is coming from to wondering where it will turn up next?

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